Egypt new diplomacy and non aligned movement

Morsi gives solution to Syrian crisis

I wrote yesterday for Asia Times that in Muslim politics such as the event of the summit meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference that was held in Jeddah last week over the Syrian crisis, it is invariably the case that the sub-texts turn out to be more important than the narrative.

The narrative in the present case is well-known; it is well-propagated by the Western (especially American) media and it inevitably trickles down to Indian discourses, namely, that the OIC summit in Jeddah was going to be all about the Saudi-Iranian ‘cold war’.

Oil & Gas pipelines projects

Oil and gas pipelines projects in Middle East: Iran, Irak, Syria axis to target the European market.

Iran to begin gas exports to Iraq by 2013

Press TV quoted Mr Rostam Qassemi oil minister of Iran as saying that Iran is expected to start exporting natural gas to Iraq by the end next year (to start March 21st 2013) upon the completion of the Iran Iraq gas pipeline project.

In 2011, oil ministers of Iran, Iraq and Syria agreed to construct a pipeline that transfers natural gas from Iran to Europe. Under the deal, natural gas from Iran’s South Pars gas field, Bushehr province, will be pumped through Iran, Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea before reaching Europe.

India, Pakistan, Iran discuss Syria

Iran obviously feels encouraged to contemplate another peace conference in the coming weeks on Syria. Last Thursday’s so-called ‘consultative meeting’ turned out to be a success. The fact that 27 countries attended the conference which was convened at short notice speaks of the sense of disquiet over the attempt to instigate ‘regime change’ in Syria. 

The Beginning of the End in Syria

“In the wake of a recent expose in The Guardian (Charlie Skelton, The Syrian Opposition: Who’s doing the talking), it is now quite clear that events in Syria are not as indigenous as made out by the mainstream Western media. The rebel movement is a phenomenon that was nurtured and provided momentum by organized external forces, including many Western governments that, for many years, led a focused campaign to topple the Syrian regime.”

Iran to Turkey: Syria strike will result in harsh response

Iran warned Turkey that it would respond harshly to any attack on Syria, an Arab diplomat told the Al-Watan newspaper, which is affiliated with President Bashar Assad’s regime.

The complex map of gas reserve with the actual situation perspective