[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « The competing hypotheses analytical model and human intelligence single source analysis » (2021)

By Alexandru KIS, Peter TVARUŠKA, Oliver TARCALA « The article examines some particular aspects of the analytical process within the intelligence cycle, having as reference the […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Intelligence and Law Enforcement in the 21st Century » (2021)

By Eugene de Silva, Asanga Abeyagoonesekera « Multidisciplinary research is steadily revolutionizing traditional education, scientific approaches, and activities related to security matters. Therefore, the knowledge generated […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Les espionnes racontent: CIA, Mossad, KGB » – cc @womenknowintel

Par Chloé Aeberhardt  « Elles s’appellent Gabriele, Yola, Geneviève ou encore Ludmila. Huit femmes de l’ombre dont l’Histoire n’a pas retenu le nom, mais que Chloé […]

[#INTELLIGENCE|#EDUCATION] Article: « Éduquer pour un monde incertain: et si la clé, c’était la capacité à donner un sens? « 

Par Philippe Silberzahn « Aujourd’hui professeur dans une école de commerce, il m’arrive régulièrement d’être sollicité par des amis, ou des amis d’amis, sur les études […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Situational Awareness for EU Decision-making: The Next Decade »

By Gerhard Conrad « In the face of increasing international risks and challenges, EU policies will need to rely more than ever on adequate and timely […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Japanese Foreign Intelligence and Grand Strategy: From the Cold War to the Abe Era »

[Renseignement] The #Scharff technique: training #military #intelligence officers to #elicit #information from small cells of #sources

(2020). The Scharff technique: training military intelligence officers to elicit information from small cells of sources. Psychology, Crime & Law: Vol. 26, No. 5, pp. […]

#Article #2019 – « The Academization of Intelligence: A Comparative Overview of Intelligence Studies in the West » – Kobi Michael and Aaron Kornbluth

« “Academization of intelligence” is defined as the academic research, conceptualization, and teaching about the world of intelligence. Its goal is to study the field of […]

Un service peu connu: l’Epidemic Intelligence Service du Centers for Disease Control

EIS is a long-standing, globally-recognized fellowship program, renowned for its investigative and emergency response efforts. Learn about the distinguished EIS network—from the program’s active disease […]

#Livre #2019 – Researching National Security Intelligence: Multidisciplinary Approaches

Editor: Georgetown University Press – November 2019 Authors: Stephen Coulthart, Michael Landon-Murray, and Damien Van Puyvelde, Editors Researchers in the rapidly growing field of intelligence […]

Chinese Communist Espionage: An Intelligence Primer Book Launch | Center for Strategic and International Studies

« Against the backdrop of recent allegations leveled against Huawei and other Chinese entities, the nature and scope of the Communist Party of China’s (CCP) secret […]

12/2017 Centralizing #India’s #Intelligence: The National Intelligence Grid’s Purpose, Status, and Problems

(2018). Centralizing India’s Intelligence: The National Intelligence Grid’s Purpose, Status, and Problems. International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence: Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 159-168. Source : […]

The High Cost of Politicizing Intelligence – The Atlantic

« Recently—during my tenure as an analyst with the CIA—President George W. Bush’s administration exerted unusual pressure to have the CIA support its plans to invade […]

I’ll speak at « International Competitive/Market Intelligence Conference 2016: 19-22 April »

International Competitive/Market Intelligence Conference 2016: Shaping the Future Through Competitive and Market Intelligence It’s my pleasure to invite you to Europe’s leading competitive and market […]

Billet d’humeur – Visite d’Etat de François Hollande en Inde

  Le Président François Hollande s’est rendu en visite d’Etat à New Delhi du 24 au 26 Janvier 2016, à l’occasion de la fête nationale […]

Only Half of Companies Actually Use the Competitive Intelligence They Collect

Only Half of Companies Actually Use the Competitive Intelligence They Collect For more than 30 years, most large corporations worldwide have adopted competitive intelligence (CI) […]

Management de la lutte anti-corruption et gestion du risque criminel

Les conventions internationales de l’ONU, les recommandations de l’OCDE, les lois nationales – dont l’application est globale – votées par les Etats Unis, les pays […]

Operational Decision Elaboration Method as a Foresight Method: a Corporate Approach

The corporate intelligence field does not have the same characteristics, or the same stakes, than the political or the military intelligence one. But rightly, its […]

La relation Inde – Etats Unis

En ce jour de fête nationale en Inde, le Republic Day, le Président Obama est l’invité d’honneur des festivités. Si sa présence est symbolique, c’est […]

Disruptive Thinkers: The Disruptive Poets Society

“How The Dead Poets Society Advocated Disruptive Thinkers, Why DoD Shouldn’t Encourage More Disruptive Thinkers, and 10 Principles for Those That do Think Disruptively.”

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