The complicated Indo-Iran relationship

The complicated Indo-Iran relationship
India and Iran share a cultural relationship since Neolithic age. However due to certain extraneous factors the relationship has become complicated if not very complex. Republic of India and Imper

Developing Mundra port key to connect India with CentralAsian markets: Kazakhstan – The Economic Times

Developing Mundra port key to connect India with Central
Asian markets: Kazakhstan – The Economic Times
India and Kazakhstan are working on this key project to link the Central Asian country through rail and port via Turkmenistan and Iran.

GCR – News – China proposes high-speed rail link direct to Tehran

GCR – News – China proposes high-speed rail link direct to Tehran
China proposes high-speed rail link direct to Tehran 24 November 2015 | By David Rogers facebook twitter gplus linkedin A high-ranking Chinese rail official has proposed a “Silk Road high-speed railway” to provide a single line connecting the Chinese network, central Asia and Iran. The move would overcome the incompatibility between the standard gauge networks of China and Iran, and central Asia’s system, which uses Russia’s broad-gauge lines. China now has breaks-of-gauge at its borders with M…

Anil Ambani’s defence dream blooms- Business News

Anil Ambani’s defence dream blooms- Business News
0 in Share Home TALKING HEADS Perspective Story Anil Ambani’s defence dream blooms Nevin John Last Updated: November 18, 2015 | 11:29 IST Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani WE RECOMMEND 10 stocks to bet on post tepid Sept quarter Action cameras are becoming a craze for sports enthusiasts MORE FROM THE AUTHOR Worry in order inflow; L&T earnings fail to impress market Vedanta’s Debt Repayment Pangs Nevin John, Senior Editor, Business Today Anil Ambani-controlled Reliance Group’s efforts for a bi…

Infrastructures stakes for India economy sustainable development

Power grid failure: Blame game begins

After the massive power failure, the big blame game. The Centre has come down sharply on Punjab, Haryana and UP saying they overdrew 4000 MW of electricity and that caused the tripping of three grids in a cascade effect yesterday, leaving 600 million people without power. The states deny that their actions triggered the huge power collapse. Till that argument is settled, the power situation is likely to be precarious.