« Méditerranée Orientale, du gaz dans l’eau »

Entrevue avec Nicolas Mazzuchi @N_Mazzucchi de la Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique @FRS_org, réalisée en Septembre 2019, sur les parties prenantes des enjeux gaziers en #MEDOR:

Cette entrevue découle des travaux de la promotion 2019 de l’Institut Fondation Méditerranéenne d’Etudes Stratégiques @InstitutFMES, publiés dans la Revue de la Défense Nationale @Defnat
N°822 https://www.defnat.com/e-RDN/vue-article.php?carticle=22124

Le directeur général de l’Institut FMES, l’Amiral (2S) Pascal Ausseur, a également publié un article en Mars 2020 sur ce sujet d’actualités: https://fmes-france.org/chypre-un-complexe-de-differends-maritimes/

Hard Ukraine bargaining leaves sour taste for some in EU | Reuters

Hard Ukraine bargaining leaves sour taste for some in EU | Reuters.

But nearly a year on from the first « EuroMaidan » protests that would topple the pro-Moscow president who had spurned an EU trade deal, some in Brussels are disillusioned by the experience of helping Ukraine. EU generosity in waiving import duties and funding gas supplies from Russia may be being abused, they say.


Once again: seabed resources claims against territories definition

There Are 500 Trillion Cubic Feet Of Gas Under Those Disputed Islands In The South China Sea

While China’s leadership transition captured the world’s attention, it was away from that spotlight that the Chinese state revealed a crucial bit of information that says a lot about what motivates its foreign policy.

Will Turkey become an Oil & Gas regional power?

Shell drills deeper into Turkish fuel exploration

Alongside its activities in the Mediterranean and exploring for shale gas in Diyarbakır, Dutch Shell is also interested in oil and gas exploration in Turkey’s Black Sea.
Royal Dutch Shell and Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO) began exploring for shale gas last week in the eastern province of Diyarbakır’s Sarıbuğday-1 natural gas field, Energy Minister Taner Yıldız announced yesterday.

Oil & Gas projects map

The Iran Parkistan India (IPI) and Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India gas pipelines projects are a clear explanation for the India foreign and trade policies’ evolutions regarding Iran and Afghanistan.

Oil & Gas pipelines projects

Oil and gas pipelines projects in Middle East: Iran, Irak, Syria axis to target the European market.

Iran to begin gas exports to Iraq by 2013

Press TV quoted Mr Rostam Qassemi oil minister of Iran as saying that Iran is expected to start exporting natural gas to Iraq by the end next year (to start March 21st 2013) upon the completion of the Iran Iraq gas pipeline project.

In 2011, oil ministers of Iran, Iraq and Syria agreed to construct a pipeline that transfers natural gas from Iran to Europe. Under the deal, natural gas from Iran’s South Pars gas field, Bushehr province, will be pumped through Iran, Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea before reaching Europe.

The complex map of gas reserve with the actual situation perspective

Rising energy tensions in the Aegean: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria

The discovery in late 2010 of the huge natural gas bonanza off Israel’s Mediterranean shores triggered other neighboring countries to look more closely at their own waters. The results revealed that the entire eastern Mediterranean is swimming in huge untapped oil and gas reserves. That discovery is having enormous political, geopolitical as well as economic consequences. It well may have potential military consequences too.

Israël : vers une confirmation d’immenses ressources offshore de gaz

Voilà qui pourrait bien accroître les tensions dans la zone  …

Alors qu’à l’hiver 2010,  le groupe américain Noble Energy, principal opérateur du site, avait annoncé que les réserves du gisement offshore de gaz naturel au large d’Israël baptisé Léviathan  pourraient permettre à terme à l’Etat hébreu devenir exportateur de gaz – au grand dam de ces voisins – la compagnie Delek Energy, partenaire de Noble Energy a annoncé dimanche avoir des indications significatives sur la présence de gaz naturel dans un nouveau site au large des côtes méditerranéennes.

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