[#CrimOrg] Livre: « European White-collar Crime: Exploring the Nature of European Realities » (2021)

« From corporate corruption and the facilitation of money laundering, to food fraud and labour exploitation, European citizens continue to be confronted by serious corporate and […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Basic approaches to fighting organized crime in the EU » (2021)

By Romeo Drobarov, Biljana Popovska « Organized crime as a concept, phenomenon and a threat attracts attention and raises interest to be studied. Moreover, it provokes […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Organised Crime and Terrorism » (2021)

By Raphael Bossong, Leslie Holmes « Terrorism and organised crime are considered major security threats in both the EU and Asia-Pacific. Despite the military defeat of ISIS, European […]

[#CRIMORG] Article: « Cocaine to Europe: An Underestimated Threat » – by @InSightCrime

« Over the last five years, the cocaine trade has enjoyed an unprecedented boom, with production levels at record highs. Coverage of this has largely focused […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Situational Awareness for EU Decision-making: The Next Decade »

By Gerhard Conrad « In the face of increasing international risks and challenges, EU policies will need to rely more than ever on adequate and timely […]

La France sous influence russe ou le concept de souveraineté à la carte

Depuis le début de la guerre civile en Ukraine, il a été constaté dans les médias français, de façon assez récurrente en quantité et prononcé […]

Hard Ukraine bargaining leaves sour taste for some in EU | Reuters

Hard Ukraine bargaining leaves sour taste for some in EU | Reuters. But nearly a year on from the first « EuroMaidan » protests that would topple […]

Thucydide sur le Dniepr

Par Nicolas Mazzucchi La question ukrainienne qui, après l’affaire criméenne, connaît de nouveaux développements avec l’agitation dans l’Est du pays se pose comme un cas […]

Is it how NATO would see Europe soon or later?

The Strategic Consequences Of The Euro-Crisis: Cracks In NATO, New Euro Map « Europe is essentially on its own in a fundamental sense as the key […]

Oil & Gas pipelines projects

Oil and gas pipelines projects in Middle East: Iran, Irak, Syria axis to target the European market. (Source: http://www.eia.gov/countries/cab.cfm?fips=SY)

Iran to begin gas exports to Iraq by 2013

Press TV quoted Mr Rostam Qassemi oil minister of Iran as saying that Iran is expected to start exporting natural gas to Iraq by the […]

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to visit Iran on August 29

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will travel to Iran on August 29 to attend the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit on the sidelines of which he is […]

Reports regarding India allegedly banning U.S.-sanctioned Iranian ships from entering Indian waters

Government has seen media reports regarding India allegedly banning U.S.-sanctioned Iranian ships from entering Indian waters. These reports are incorrect. With the EU sanctions, which […]

Europe: energy bill vs « oil sanctions »

While Iran has announced it will stop its oil sales to Greece, as counter-sanctions, Europe will have to face a sharp increase of its “energy […]

India Said to Plan Using Foreign Currency for Iran Oil Deals

India may continue paying for Iranian oil in foreign currencies until European Union sanctions take effect in July, when buyers will start using rupees, according […]

A bill intended to help startups could turn back decades of regulation and amounts to a “bipartisan route to disaster,” former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson writes.

Exclusive: India to urge airlines to opt out of EU carbon scheme – Topix

EU eyes measures to open up public contracts

The European Union is seeking powers to block foreign companies from winning lucrative government contracts unless their home countries open their own public-sector deals to […]

EU calls for rules on ship guards after Italy-India spat

The European Union called on Tuesday for international rules on the use of armed guards aboard ships amid a diplomatic spat between Italy and India […]

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