Egypt new diplomacy and non aligned movement

Morsi gives solution to Syrian crisis

I wrote yesterday for Asia Times that in Muslim politics such as the event of the summit meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference that was held in Jeddah last week over the Syrian crisis, it is invariably the case that the sub-texts turn out to be more important than the narrative.

The narrative in the present case is well-known; it is well-propagated by the Western (especially American) media and it inevitably trickles down to Indian discourses, namely, that the OIC summit in Jeddah was going to be all about the Saudi-Iranian ‘cold war’.

U.S. and Egypt broach issue of Americans’ trial
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the United States and Egypt are “moving toward a resolution” regarding the prosecution of Americans and other nongovernmental organization employees accused of trying to stoke unrest in the country.
“We are engaged in very intensive discussions with the Egyptian government about finding a solution,” Clinton said during a Senate hearing. “We’ve had a lot of very tough conversations and I think we’re … moving toward a resolution.

Des armes livrées aux opposants libyens lors du soulèvement armé de 2011 reviennent massivement en Egypte en contrebande, écrit mardi le quotidien Al-Ahram, se référant au chef de la police criminelle, le général Ahmed Helmy Azab.

Egypte : des armes arrivent massivement de Lybie en contrebande

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