Pirate Attacks by Shoot-to-Kill Guards Fuel Debate

A video recorded by armed security personnel aboard the Avocet bulk carrier ship shows armed guards opening fire on an approaching skiff that they believe carries pirates. The video, presented at a shipping conference in December and leaked on the Internet last month, has fueled debate within the industry over the ethical use of force at sea. (Video via LiveLeak. Source: Bloomberg)

Likely Scenarios for Israeli Attack Against Iran

U.S. Offered Israel New Arms to Delay Iran Attack

The United States offered Israel advanced weaponry in return for it committing not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities this year, Israeli daily Maariv reported March 8.

Citing unnamed Western diplomats and intelligence sources, the report said that during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington this week, the U.S. administration offered to supply Israel with advanced bunker-busting bombs and long-range refueling planes.