Changement du commandement indien: contre-terrorisme et renseignement

Samedi 17 Décembre, le gouvernement Indien a annoncé le nom des nouveaux grands commandants suivant: Armée de Terre, Armée de l’Air, « Intelligence Bureau » (IB: service […]

India to Start Building Chabahar Port Infrastructure

India to Start Building Chabahar Port Infrastructure. The Indian government said that an Indian company would be building the infrastructure for the port at a […]

India to Provide Helicopters to Afghanistan

By IDR News Network As per the Indian Minister of External Affairs, Salman Khurshid, India as agreed to provide helicopters to war-torn Afghanistan in the […]

Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon – Conference ESSEC-IRENE-SMIB, 20 November 2012

Afghanistan: who after NATO?

China’s Afghan Moment Until recently, Beijing’s policy in Afghanistan could be characterized as masterful inactivity: It sat on the sidelines of a war that it […]

And in the meanwhile what about Afghanistan resources?

Exxon Explores ‘Very Promising’ Oil And Gas Fields In Afghanistan More top-tier energy companies are likely to join the race to explore for oil and […]

Mineral Resources of Afghanistan

India discusses Chahbahar port project with Iran, Afghanistan

« The objective of the meeting was to explore ways to expand trade and transit cooperation, including investment, among the three countries starting with the Chahbahar […]

Oil & Gas projects map

The Iran Parkistan India (IPI) and Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India gas pipelines projects are a clear explanation for the India foreign and trade policies’ evolutions […]

India’s Neighbourhood: Challenges in the Next Two Decades from Pierre Memheld India’s Neighbourhood: Challenges in the Next Two Decades (Source:

World leaders set to tackle Afghanistan’s future

World leaders weary of war will tackle Afghanistan’s post-conflict future — from funding for security forces to upcoming elections — when the NATO summit opens […]

The India interests on Afghanistan To ensure that the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Gas Pipeline Project does not remain a pipedream, India and Pakistan have decided to […]

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (r.) and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai: strategic partnership has been signed in October 2011, including ANA training by Indian Army.

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