GameChangers 2021: How Organized Crime Devoured the Amazon Rainforest | InSight Crime | #drugtraffic #brazil #deforestation #organizedcrime

« There was record destruction of the Amazon in 2020, as the rainforest lost an area around the size of Belize, and the situation looks to […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Financial Networks and Structure of Global Financial Crime » (2021)

By Oscar M. Granados, Andrés Vargas « Financial crimes are social problems that affect many different communities around the world, involving public and private organizations in […]

[#CrimOrg|#AI] Article: « Beyond the prediction paradigm: challenges for AI in the struggle against organized crime » (2021)

By Dr. Paula Helm, Dr. Thilo Hagendorff « The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for policing is a hot topic. This is not only because of […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Organised crime and criminal careers: Findings from an Australian sample » (2021)

By Anthony Morgan, Jason Payne « A growing number of international studies have shown members of organised crime groups have different criminal career trajectories to volume […]

[#CrimOrg|#COVID19] Article: « COVID-19 and Organized Crime: Strategies employed by criminal groups to increase their profits and power in the first months of the pandemic » (2021)

By Alberto Aziani, Gianluca A. Bertoni, Maria Jofre, Michele Riccardi « The COVID-19 pandemic has created new opportunities for organized criminal groups and confronted them with […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Policy to Eradicate Crime Funding of Terrorism as Transnational Organized Crime » (2021)

By Ardken Fisabillah, Pujiyono, Umi Rozah « One type of crime that occurs in the community is terrorism funding. The funding of terrorism in Indonesia has […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Lightening the economics of organized crime in the EU: new solutions for longstanding problems » (2021)

By Nelson Macedo da Cruz « Organised crime represents one of the most serious threats to the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, pressing the […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Investigation Methods of Corruption Cases » (2021)

By Nicoleta-Elena Hegheș « he fight against crime is a complex area. We cannot talk about organized crime without talking about corruption offenses, the corruption of […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Fighting organized crime by automatically detecting money laundering-related financial transactions » (2021)

By Andrea Tundis, Soujanya Nemalikanti, Max Mühlhäuser « Money laundering is the set of operations aimed at giving a legitimate appearance to capital whose origin is […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Cybercrime, cybersecurity and water utilities » (2021)

By David Lloyd Owen « A total of 20 known cases of cybercrime attacks on water utilities have been seen in five countries between 2000 and […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Law Enforcement Intelligence Process » (2021)

By Robert Vasquez « This chapter examines the principles behind law enforcement intelligence and identifies best practices established by other local and state law enforcement organizations. […]

[#CrimOrg|#OSINT] Article: « A structured methodical process for populating a crime script of organized crime activity using OSINT » (2021)

By Spencer P. Chainey, Arantza Alonso Berbotto « Crime script analysis is becoming an increasingly used approach for examining organized crime. Crime scripts can use data […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Major Crimes – Between Geopolitical reality and a Strategic Threat » (2021)

By Jean-François Gayraud, « Major crime has now become a geopolitical issue, way beyond the scope of police and justice authorities alone. It has therefore become […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Recruitment into Organized Crime: An Agent-Based Approach Testing the Impact of Different Policies » (2021)

By Francesco Calderoni, Gian Maria Campedelli, Aron Szekely, Mario Paolucci, Giulia Andrighetto « ObjectivesWe test the effects of four policy scenarios on recruitment into organized crime. […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « The Making of Crime Predictions: Sociotechnical Assemblages and the Controversies of Governing Future Crime » (2021)

By Daniel Edler Duarte « We are witnessing an upsurge in crime forecasting software, which supposedly draws predictive knowledge from data on past crime. Although prevention […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Organized Crime and Firms’ Financial Statements: Evidence from Criminal Investigations in Italy » (2021)

By Pietro Andrea Bianchi, Antonio Marra, Donato Masciandaro, Nicola Pecchiari « We investigate how connections to organized crime manifest on firms’ financial statements and analyze the […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Basic approaches to fighting organized crime in the EU » (2021)

By Romeo Drobarov, Biljana Popovska « Organized crime as a concept, phenomenon and a threat attracts attention and raises interest to be studied. Moreover, it provokes […]

[#CrimOrg] Rapport: « Changing tides: The evolving illicit drug trade in the western Indian Ocean » (2021)

By @GI_TOC « The islands of the western Indian Ocean have been drastically impacted by illicit drug markets. Mauritius and the Seychelles report some of the […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Cheats, threats and reflexivity: organizational narratives and on policing organized and economic crime » (2021)

By Annette Vestby « Drawing on narrative criminology and sensemaking theory, this paper explores interpretive pat-terns in an interagency policing collaboration that targets ‘work-related crime’ (WRC). […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Vertical organizations, flat networks: Centrality and criminal collaboration in the Italian-American Mafia » (2022)

By Andrew T.Krajewski, Daniel Della Posta, Diane Felmlee « While criminal organizations often feature hierarchical positions, scholars debate the extent to which networks of informal collaboration […]

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