[#Cyber|#CrimOrg] Article: « Ethics in Cyberspace – Dangers and Threats » (2021)

By Denisa-Atena COSTOVICI « Rapid technology development and easy access to virtual space was directly proportional to the proliferation of multiple categories of network users and […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Cybercrime, cybersecurity and water utilities » (2021)

By David Lloyd Owen « A total of 20 known cases of cybercrime attacks on water utilities have been seen in five countries between 2000 and […]

[#CrimOrg] Rapport: « The Operative Level Perception of Cybercrime – Threats and prevention in a logistic company » (2021)

By Eddy Odhomi « The Thesis work has explored the effects of cybercrime and their motivesbehind the actionsof the hackersfor taking such an act,in disruptingcompaniesservices, networks,and […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « A Large-Scale Interview Study on Information Security in and Attacks against Small and Medium-sized Enterprises »

By Nicolas Huaman, Bennet von Skarczinski, Christian Stransky, Dominik Wermke, Yasemin Acar, Arne Dreißigacker, Sascha Fahl « Cybercrime is on the rise. Attacks by hackers, organized […]

Is the Mafia Taking Over Cyber Crime? Not Really

Is the Mafia Taking Over Cyber Crime? Not Really https://www.symantec.com/blogs/feature-stories/mafia-taking-over-cyber-crime-not-really From Black Hat 2018: Unlike the popular narrative that the Mafia is not only getting […]

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