The High Cost of Politicizing Intelligence – The Atlantic

« Recently—during my tenure as an analyst with the CIA—President George W. Bush’s administration exerted unusual pressure to have the CIA support its plans to invade Iraq because of that country’s alleged ties to al-Qaeda and its weapons of mass destruction program. Both assumptions proved flawed. Nada Bakos wrote about the problems with efforts to tie Iraq to al-Qaeda for Wired. An internal CIA post-mortem concluded that the CIA’s assessments of the Iraqi WMD program were a case of an effective denial-and-deception program that fed prevailing assumptions. »

Source : Trump Is Attempting to Politicize American Intelligence Agencies – The Atlantic

An Isolated Russia? Think Again! – Red (Team) Analysis

An Isolated Russia? Think Again! – Red (Team) Analysis.

Since March 2014, the Russian “dispatch of troops to Crimea”, and the contested referendum in Crimea followed by its incorporation into the Russian Federation, “The West”* rhetoric is that Russia is isolated, and that the U.S. and its allies will work to further isolate it (e.g. Zeke J Miller, “Isolated Russia, Ukraine, NATO, Poroshenko, Obama, Hollande Obama: U.S. Working To ‘Isolate Russia’“, Time, 3 March 2014).

Isolated Russia

Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon – Conference ESSEC-IRENE-SMIB, 20 November 2012

Texas secession after a public petition?

Rick Perry dismisses Texas secession talk

More than 60,000 people have now signed an online petition calling for President Obama to « peacefully grant » Texas to secede from the United States of America, but the state’s governor, Rick Perry, suggests he’s not about to give the online movement any more traction than it’s already ginned up.

How does China perceive it self?

The comparison between the « Island of China » view (see previous post) and ethnographics and density of population shows clearly that most of the population is concentrated on this « Island of China », meaning most of the 1.4 billion inhabitants are living in a much smaller country than officially existing.

China’s Islands or the Island of China?

Analysis: the Island of China –

The island of China… That’s no typo. The Gobi Desert, Tibetan Plateau, Himalayas, and Pacific Ocean surround the heartland of China like a geographic great wall. We’re talking about a nation whose economic model has the world’s best experts confused about whether China’s about to take over the world… or collapse.

Transcript: « The South China Sea: Disputes, Risks and Diplomacy »