[#OSINT|#CrimOrg] Article: « Open Source Information’s Blind Spot – Human and Machine Bias in International Criminal Investigations »

By Yvonne McDermott, Alexa Koenig, Daragh Murray « Digital open source information has been heralded for its democratizing potential, insofar as it allows access to a […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Rapport: « Automated Collection of Open Source Intelligence »

By Bc. Ondřej Zoder « With the ever-growing amount of data available on the Internet and the wide-spread adoption of social media networks, publicly accessible websites […]

[#OSINT|#HUMINT] Article: « From Sock Puppets to Puppet Masters », by @ChristinaLekati

« Passive Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection through unsuspected sock puppet accounts that keep a low profile can take an investigation very far. But what happens […]

[#OSINT] Article: « La #typologie des #sources d’#information » (2019)

« Si les sources d’information auxquelles l’intelligence économique s’abreuve sont variées dans les contenus, « formats » et niveaux de qualité qu’elles proposent, elles se classent […]

[Renseignement] #China’s #STI Operations – Center for Security and Emerging Technology

China’s STI Operations Monitoring Foreign Science and Technology Through Open Sources William Hannas Huey-Meei Chang January 2021 Open source intelligence (OSINT) and science and technology […]

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