[#OSINT|#CrimOrg] Article: « Open Source Information’s Blind Spot – Human and Machine Bias in International Criminal Investigations »

By Yvonne McDermott, Alexa Koenig, Daragh Murray « Digital open source information has been heralded for its democratizing potential, insofar as it allows access to a […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Cognitive Bias in Intelligence Analysis: Testing the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Method (Intelligence, Surveillance and Secret Warfare) »

By Martha Whitesmith « Tests whether the analysis of competing hypotheses reduces cognitive bias, and proposes a more effective approach Reveals that a key element of […]

#Livre #2018 – Les décisions absurdes. Sociologie des erreurs radicales et persistantes

Collection Bibliothèque des Sciences humaines, Gallimard Parution : 17-04-2002 Il arrive que les individus prennent collectivement des décisions singulières : ils agissent avec constance dans […]

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