[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Improving Intelligence Analysis With Decision Science » (2015)

By Mandeep K. Dhami, David R. Mandel, Barbara A. Mellers, and Philip E. Tetlock « Intelligence analysis plays a vital role in policy decision making. Key […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Forecasting forecaster accuracy: Contributions ofpast performance and individual differences »

By Mark Himmelstein, Pavel Atanasov, David V. Budescu « A growing body of research indicates that forecasting skill is a unique and stabletrait: forecasters with a […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Thinking, Fast and Slow » (2012)

By Daniel Kahneman « The New York Times Bestseller, acclaimed by author such as Freakonomics co-author Steven D. Levitt, Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb and […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Flexible versus structured support for reasoning: enhancing analytical reasoning through a flexible analytic technique »

By Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Patricia Rossini, Kate Kenski, Brian McKernan, Benjamin Clegg, James Folkestad, Carsten Østerlund, Lael Schooler, Olga Boichak, Jordan Canzonetta, Rosa Mikeal Martey, Corey […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Analytical Standards in the Intelligence Community: Are Standards Professionalized Enough? Standards Professionalized Enough? »

By Derek Reinhold, Charles M. Russo, Beth Eisenfeld « Analytical standards and its impact is a topic compelling the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) toward a discipline […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Understanding the complexity of intelligence problems »

By Christiaan Menkveld « The complexity of an intelligence problem determines to a great extent the certainty that can be provided by intelligence and security services. […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Cognitive Bias in Intelligence Analysis: Testing the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Method (Intelligence, Surveillance and Secret Warfare) »

By Martha Whitesmith « Tests whether the analysis of competing hypotheses reduces cognitive bias, and proposes a more effective approach Reveals that a key element of […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Countering Intelligence Algorithms »

By Peter J Phillips, Gabriela Pohl « The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms by intelligence agencies requires the capability to counter their use by […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Analytical Standards in the Intelligence Community: Are Standards Professionalized Enough? »

By Derek Reinhold, Charles M. Russo, Beth Eisenfeld « Analytical standards and its impact is a topic compelling the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) toward a discipline […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Potential Use of Structured Analytical Techniques in Building Investigative Versions »

By Wojciech Filipkowski « The aim of this study is to present the possibilities of using structured analytical techniques in building investigative versions. They may relate […]

[#CRIMORG|#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Criminal Networks Analysis in Missing Data scenarios through Graph Distances »

By Annamaria Ficara, Lucia Cavallaro, Francesco Curreri, Giacomo Fiumara, Pasquale De Meo, Ovidiu Bagdasar, Wei Song, Antonio Liotta « Data collected in criminal investigations may suffer […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Intelligence Support for Operations in the Information Environment: Dividing Roles and Responsibilities Between Intelligence and Information Professionals »

By Rand Corporation « Operations in the information environment require close coordination between intelligence and information operations personnel. However, this coordination is hindered by a lack […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Introduction to Intelligence: Institutions, Operations, and Analysis »

By Jonathan M. Acuff, LaMesha L. Craft, Christopher J. Ferrero, Joseph Fitsanakis, Richard J. Kilroy Jr. « Introduction to Intelligence: Institutions, Operations, and Analysis offers you […]

#Article #2020 – « Analytic objectivity and science: evaluating the US Intelligence Community’s approach to applied epistemology » – Stephen Marrin

January 2020 – Intelligence & National Security – DOI: 10.1080/02684527.2019.1710806 « Analytic objectivity as a standard for the US Intelligence Community appears to have been drawn […]

#Livre #2014 – Analyzing Intelligence: National Security Practitioners’ Perspectives

Analyzing Intelligence, now in a revised and extensively updated second edition, assesses the state of the profession of intelligence analysis from the practitioner’s point of […]

Republication de passages de l’article de @terryzim « A destination des communautés du renseignement et d’intelligence économique: De l’urgence d’intégrer des autistes à haut niveau de fonctionnement et Asperger »

Cet article intéressant pose des bases sur l’emploi de personnes capables de « s’isoler de l’environnement pour se livrer intégralement à une unique activité » liée au […]

#Livre 2018 – via le @Portail_IE: « L’intelligence économique du futur 1 et 2 », de Henri Dou, Alain Juillet et Philippe Clerc

J’ai récemment eu le plaisir de revoir mon professeur et inspirateur Henri Dou, avec quelques autres camarades: il est le père nôtre métier depuis les […]

Experimentally Evaluating #Bias-Reducing Visual Analytics Techniques in #Intelligence #Analysis

« Intelligence analysis is a complex process that not only requires substantial training and deep expertise, but is heavily impacted by human cognitive factors. Studies have […]

Exploring Intuition and its Role in Managerial Decision Making

Advanced Analytic Techniques Exploring Intuition And Its Role In Managerial Decision Making Erik Dane, Michael G. Pratt. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign This paper, as […]

« Informations, Incertitudes, Hypothèses, Décisions : l’humain au cœur des processus » (Le Renseignement Humain à l’Ère Numérique, @terryzim)

Chapitre de l’ouvrage collectif « Le Renseignement Humain à l’Ère Numérique » coordonné par Terry Zimmer – Editions VA Presse, 2018 Trouver de l’information n’est plus aujourd’hui […]

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