[#UNDERSEA] Rapport: « Securing the Subsea Network: A Primer for Policymakers »

By Jonathan E. Hillman « The United States’ position as the world’s leading hub in subsea networks can no longer be taken for granted. More of […]

L’Inde en Antarctique

            Le 3 et 4 Septembre 2015, le Center for Ocean and Environmental Studies, dépendant de l’Université de New Delhi, […]

Geopolitics and the Northern Sea Route

Towards a shorter and faster Northern East Route

Tanker sails through Northeast Passage as Arctic ice caps melt A gas tanker has powered its way across the top of the world and is […]

Once again: seabed resources claims against territories definition

There Are 500 Trillion Cubic Feet Of Gas Under Those Disputed Islands In The South China Sea While China’s leadership transition captured the world’s attention, […]

The EEZs’ chess games: what about the Indian Ocean?

Indian Ocean: Strategic Imperatives For India To Keep It Indian – Analysis By Dr Subhash Kapila “The Indian Ocean is where the rivalry between the […]

Spratlys islands: in the middle of EEZs?

Seabed resources or strategic trade routes approach?

Philippines sends more troops to guard disputed islands The Philippines has deployed 800 more Marines and opened a new headquarters to guard its interests in […]

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