SME / SMI : mitigate the legal risk internationally

SME and SMI can be exposed to various criminal risks in their international operations: funds’ extorsion, corruption’s request, money laundering, hostile takeover.

Operational Decision Elaboration Method as a Foresight Method: a Corporate Approach

The corporate intelligence field does not have the same characteristics, or the same stakes, than the political or the military intelligence one. But rightly, its characteristics allow to us tactical analysis to forecast what would happen. Competitors, companies, have known technologies, capacities, finances, resources and pre-defined markets. In these conditions, they have a limited number of “options”. “Operational decision elaboration method” uses tactical intelligence to determine what an “adversary” is able to do when confronted to another “party”: what are its equipments, troops, intentions, organizational and operational behaviors. Thus, a military strategist has constraints, imperatives, objectives, limited means and variables that will create an uncertainty for the fulfillment of the mission. This is where intelligence plays a role. The article would stress how this method allow to forecast companies decisions, as their variables and options are less diversified than in the military field. This method would not allow to forecast precisely every decision but limit the number of factors to monitor: the consequence is a better ability to orientate corporate intelligence means, themselves more limited than in the military field. In this case, analysis takes an even more important place.

Operational Decision Elaboration Method as a Foresight Method: a Corporate Approach

APEC: China has further deepened energy ties with political ally Russia

China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) and Russia’s Gazprom on Sunday followed up May’s blockbuster natural gas deal with a framework agreement for China to import another 30 Bcm/yr of Russian gas, this time from West Siberia, with a final contract to be signed in 2015.


Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon – Conference ESSEC-IRENE-SMIB, 20 November 2012

#Conférence – Colloque « stratégies maritimes en zone polaire »

Les zones polaires sont au centre de nombreux enjeux maritimes et restent pourtant peu connues. Et pourtant, elles recèlent de nombreuses richesses qu’elles soient environnementales ou économiques. Pour faire le point sur ces nouveaux espaces de conquête, le centre du Havre de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime a organisé un colloque intitulé “stratégie maritime en zone polaire”. Nous vous proposons de retrouver ici les passionnantes présentations des différents intervenants.

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