[#CrimOrg] Article: « A Comparative Study Of The Economic Crime In Uzbekistan And India: A Critical Analysis » (2021)

By Azizakhon Avazxonovna Allanova, Choudhoury Kaustav « Crime in the field of economics is explained by the fact that it is inherently variable and complex, requires […]

[IndiaInsights] #India to Improve Connection by Land and Sea with #Kazakhstan, Plans to Deepen #Cooperation …

Similarly, the embassy has organized training in cyber-security in facilities in India . Within Indian technical and economic cooperation, Kazakh citizens … Source : India to […]

Changement du commandement indien: contre-terrorisme et renseignement

Samedi 17 Décembre, le gouvernement Indien a annoncé le nom des nouveaux grands commandants suivant: Armée de Terre, Armée de l’Air, « Intelligence Bureau » (IB: service […]

L’artillerie de montagne Indienne: équipements et politiques

De 1858 à la fin de la 1ère Guerre Mondiale, et même pendant l’entre deux guerres, l’artillerie de l’Armée des Indes se résume à l’ »Indian […]

Inde: la frontière du Nord Ouest, la question de l’Afghanistan

Jusqu’à la partition en 1947, l’indépendance de l’Inde et du Pakistan, la frontière Nord Ouest de l’Inde était l’Afghanistan, tampon entre l’Empire Britannique et l’Union […]

Developing Mundra port key to connect India with CentralAsian markets: Kazakhstan – The Economic Times

Developing Mundra port key to connect India with Central Asian markets: Kazakhstan – The Economic Times http://ift.tt/1OsueGs India and Kazakhstan are working on this key […]

L’Inde nucléaire

L’ancien Président de la République Abdul Kalam[i] est décédé le 27 Juillet 2015 après une longue carrière comme scientifique. Né en 1931 dans une famille […]

Inde – Etats Unis : convergences ou divergences ?

Parmi les théâtres d’opérations militaires de la 2ème guerre mondiale, il en est un moins connu que ne l’est l’Europe (ouest ou est) ou même […]

India to Start Building Chabahar Port Infrastructure

India to Start Building Chabahar Port Infrastructure. The Indian government said that an Indian company would be building the infrastructure for the port at a […]

Total tempted by ambitious TAPI Asian pipeline project – The Express Tribune


India to Provide Helicopters to Afghanistan

By IDR News Network As per the Indian Minister of External Affairs, Salman Khurshid, India as agreed to provide helicopters to war-torn Afghanistan in the […]

Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon – Conference ESSEC-IRENE-SMIB, 20 November 2012

Afghanistan: who after NATO?

China’s Afghan Moment Until recently, Beijing’s policy in Afghanistan could be characterized as masterful inactivity: It sat on the sidelines of a war that it […]

TAPI – IPI: North Stream and South Stream tactics for Turkmenistan?

Everyone’s Competing For Access To This Country’s Natural Gas Reserves Turkmenistan’s natural gas reserves are the fourth largest in the world according to energy giant […]

Cold Water Wars?

Uzbekistan Leader Warns of Water Wars in Central Asia President Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan has upped his rhetoric against neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, warning that […]

Regional conflict over water in Central Asia

And in the meanwhile what about Afghanistan resources?

Exxon Explores ‘Very Promising’ Oil And Gas Fields In Afghanistan More top-tier energy companies are likely to join the race to explore for oil and […]

Mineral Resources of Afghanistan

India is looking for new markets and trade routes with its neighbours

India keen to expand exports to Iran Notwithstanding US pressure on it to reduce engagements with Iran, India today said it would like to expand […]

India discusses Chahbahar port project with Iran, Afghanistan

« The objective of the meeting was to explore ways to expand trade and transit cooperation, including investment, among the three countries starting with the Chahbahar […]

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