On the trail of Russia’s troops – how a 22-year-old Swiss man vies with foreign intelligence servicesMany European governments recognized Russia’s war plans too late. An inconspicuous Swiss man was faster: From his sofa, he discovered alarming troop movements and gained international
Search Video App – Search Any Best Video Search EngineSearch social app, social search engine to find social media networks. Search social search engines like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
Compete, Collaborate, Investigate: Exploring the Social Structures of Open Source Intelligence InvestigationsOnline investigations are increasingly conducted by individuals with diverse skill levels and experiences, with mixed results. Novice investigations often result in vigilantism or doxxing, while expert investigations have greater success rates and fewer mishaps. Many of these experts are involved in a community of practice known as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), with an ethos and set of techniques for conducting investigations using only publicly available data. Through semi-structured interviews with 14 expert OSINT investigators from nine different organizations, we examine the social dynamics of this community, including the collaboration and competition patterns that underlie their investigations. We also describe investigators’ use of and challenges with existing OSINT tools, and implications for the design of social computing systems to better support crowdsourced
Useful Google Sheets Functions for OSINT research | by Tom Jarvis | MediumWhen conducting a large open source research project, you want a way to store your data and share it with collaborators. My tool of choice for this is Google Sheets because it has real-time…
9 Best Maltego Alternatives Graph Intelligence Platform 👌👌If you are an investigator and want to switch, we have provided the list of best Maltego alternatives that you can choose from. Click here
The Race to Archive Social Posts That May Prove Russian War Crimes | WIREDPainstaking new techniques for archiving social media posts could provide crucial evidence in future
Russia Is Mimicking Open-Source Intelligence Methods to Discredit Bucha AtrocitiesUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky broadcast images of Russian atrocities from Bucha, Ukraine, to the United Nations Security Council following a morning address on April
OSINT ToolsA playlist which comprise of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and their working and
Emotional intelligence: culture, intimacy, and empire in early CIA espionage: Intelligence and National Security: Vol 0, No 0This article seeks to stimulate dialogue between U.S. intelligence history and the history of American foreign relations by bringing some of the latter’s recent concerns – namely, culture, emotion,…
The CIA and the Pursuit of Security: History, Documents and Contexts (Intelligence, Surveillance and Secret Warfare): Dylan, Huw, Gioe, David, Goodman, Michael S.: 9781474428859: Books: Amazon.comThe CIA and the Pursuit of Security: History, Documents and Contexts (Intelligence, Surveillance and Secret Warfare) [Dylan, Huw, Gioe, David, Goodman, Michael S.] on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The CIA and the Pursuit of Security: History, Documents and Contexts (Intelligence, Surveillance and Secret Warfare)
Military intelligence and the securitization of Arabic proficiency in Israel: the limits of influence and the curse of unintended consequencesSince its very inception, Israel’s security apparatus, led by Military Intelligence, has struggled to overcome the paucity of potential Jewish recruits who are proficient in Arabic. Military Intell…
Iceberg Sensemaking: A Process Model for Critical Data Analysis and VisualizationWe offer a new model of the sensemaking process for data science and visual analytics. Whereas past sensemaking models have been built on theoretical foundations in cognitivism and positivism, this model adopts interpretivist foundations in order to reframe data sensemaking in humanistic terms. We identify five key principles centered on the concept of schemas: Tacit and Explicit Schemas, Schemas First and Always, Data as a Schematic Artifact, Schematic Multiplicity, and Sensemaking Over Time. Our model uses the analogy of an iceberg, where data is the visible tip of the schema underneath it. The analysis process iteratively refines both the data and its schema in tandem. We compare the roles of schemas in past sensemaking models and draw conceptual distinctions based on a historical review of schemas in different philosophical traditions. We validate the descriptive, predictive, and explanatory power of our model through four analysis scenarios: uncovering data injustice, investigating official data, teaching data wrangling, and producing data
The integration of statistical learning in intelligence education: is the academy equipping tomorrow’s intelligence professionals to analyze data-centric threats?: Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism: Vol 0, No 0‘We need data-literate analysts’ is a refrain heard from both the intelligence community and the private sector. In this study we ascertain the degree to which graduate programs in intelligence stu…
Studies in Intelligence Vol. 66, No. 1 (March 2022)The unclassified version of the latest issue of @CIA’s Studies in Intelligence (Vol. 66, No. 1, March 2022) is now
Full article: British intelligence and the Dardanelles: the 1906 Taba affair revisitedThis article revisits British assessments on the Dardanelles during and after the Taba crisis in 1906. It is known that the assessments produced throughout 1906 were pessimistic. What is missing fr…
Agent of Influence and Disinformation: Five Lives of Ante Jerkov: International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence: Vol 35, No 2One of the most interesting thematic areas in intelligence studies is the study of the activities of the numerous double agents that had a significant impact on events and processes in the history …
Back to the future: Why spies and reporters still need human intelligence | The HillRussia’s invasion of Ukraine proves that despite new technologies — or because of them — spies and reporters still need old-fashioned
Reimagining Human Intelligence – The Case for a Sunlight Strategy – Just SecurityRumors of a recent high-level Chinese intelligence defector bring into focus a much-neglected facet of human intelligence (HUMINT) that begs for greater energy and
Cold War Cooperation: The KGB and Poland’s Security Service in Operation Kaskada and Operation Kama: International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence: Vol 35, No 2The increasing tension in international politics during the Cold War increased the importance of intelligence services throughout the world. Security services on both sides of the Iron Curtain were…
Intelligence and the State | U.S. Naval InstituteIn the eighty years since Pearl Harbor, the United States has developed a professional intelligence community that is far more effective than most people acknowledge—in part because only intelligence failures see the light of day, while successful collection and analysis remain secret for decades. Intelligence and the State explores the relationship between the community tasked to research and assess intelligence and the national decision makers it serves. The book argues that in order to accept intelligence as a profession, it must be viewed as a non-partisan resource to assist key players in understanding foreign societies and leaders. Those who review these classified findings are sometimes so invested in their preferred policy outcomes that they refuse to accept information that conflicts with preconceived notions. Rather than demanding that intelligence evaluations conform to administration policies, a wise executive should welcome a source of information that has not “drunk the Kool-Aid” by supporting a specific policy decision. Jonathan M. House offers a brief overview of the nature of national intelligence, and especially of the potential for misperception and misunderstanding on the part of executives and analysts. Furthermore, House examines the rise of intelligence organizations first in Europe and then in the United States. In those regions fear of domestic subversion and radicalism drove the need for foreign surveillance. This perception of a domestic threat tempted policy makers and intelligence officers alike to engage in covert action and other policy-based, partisan activities that colored their understanding of their adversaries. Such biases go far to explain the inability of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to predict and deal effectively with their
The Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data in Law Enforcement | SpringerLinkThe modern world is changing rapidly. The society is already at the stage of its development when information has become an important strategic and managerial resource. Socio-economic transformations and advances in digital science and technology inevitably require…
How AI can close gaps in cybersecurity tech stacks | VentureBeatUsing AI and machine learning brings greater intelligence to endpoint and patch management and improves risk-based vulnerability
Analyses faciles et gratuites de gros volumes de textes par l’Intelligence ArtificielleLa littérature produite en interne ou sur certaines thématiques est parfois trop volumineuse pour pouvoir être analysée de manière satisfaisante et rationnelle par un humain. Une intelligence artificielle peut alors être utilisée afin de détecter des concepts, des noms de personnes, d’
Planting Undetectable Backdoors in Machine Learning ModelsGiven the computational cost and technical expertise required to train machine learning models, users may delegate the task of learning to a service provider. We show how a malicious learner can plant an undetectable backdoor into a classifier. On the surface, such a backdoored classifier behaves normally, but in reality, the learner maintains a mechanism for changing the classification of any input, with only a slight perturbation. Importantly, without the appropriate “backdoor key”, the mechanism is hidden and cannot be detected by any computationally-bounded observer. We demonstrate two frameworks for planting undetectable backdoors, with incomparable
New Tech, New Concepts: China’s Plans for AI and Cognitive Warfare – War on the RocksThe United States and its allies may have built the Maginot Line of the information age. But just as the German armored units broke through the
This California-based AI Startup is Developing Smaller and Faster Machine Learning Models to Bridge the Gap Between AI Applications and a Diverse Range of Devices Found on the Edge – MarkTechPostAs Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances quickly, it demands a vast amount of computational resources, carbon footprint, and engineering efforts. There is a growing demand for machine learning (ML) solutions that enable AI to run at the network’s edge without overburdening the hardware. Most existing AI solutions aren’t light enough to run on edge devices; thus, this is a
Even Bond would have to share his secrets in the world of AI spying | Markets InsiderNew technology will revolutionise espionage, but the US and UK must work together to secure their intelligence advantageRead more on ‘Financial Ti…
Guerre en Ukraine : l’IA au service des renseignementsEn Ukraine, les communications radio de l’armée russe ne sont pas toujours chiffrées. Une fois qu’elles sont collectées par un émulateur radio, une IA est chargée de les traduire et de les…
On the hunt for oligarchs in the ‘wild west’ of corporate intelligenceNews, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business
Russian spy chief says U.S., Poland plotting division of Ukraine | ReutersRussia’s foreign spy chief accused the United States and Poland on Thursday of plotting to gain a sphere of influence in Ukraine, a claim denied by Warsaw as disinformation aimed at sowing distrust among Kyiv’s
Spy boss denies ‘intelligence failure’ before Solomon Islands signed security pact with China – ABC NewsOne of Australia’s top national security figures denies there was a failure by intelligence agencies to stop a military pact being signed between Solomon Islands and
How Russia hopes to overcome its tech woesRussian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is due to review the text of a “National Project for Electronics” on Friday. The national projects are …
The psychological drivers of misinformation belief and its resistance to correction | Nature Reviews PsychologyMisinformation has been identified as a major contributor to various contentious contemporary events ranging from elections and referenda to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only can belief in misinformation lead to poor judgements and decision-making, it also exerts a lingering influence on people’s reasoning after it has been corrected — an effect known as the continued influence effect. In this Review, we describe the cognitive, social and affective factors that lead people to form or endorse misinformed views, and the psychological barriers to knowledge revision after misinformation has been corrected, including theories of continued influence. We discuss the effectiveness of both pre-emptive (‘prebunking’) and reactive (‘debunking’) interventions to reduce the effects of misinformation, as well as implications for information consumers and practitioners in various areas including journalism, public health, policymaking and education. Misinformation is influential despite unprecedented access to high-quality, factual information. In this Review, Ecker et al. describe the cognitive, social and affective factors that drive sustained belief in misinformation, synthesize the evidence for interventions to reduce its effects and offer recommendations for information consumers and
What happens to weapons sent to Ukraine? The US doesn’t really know – CNNPoliticsThe US has few ways to track the substantial supply of anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other weaponry it has sent across the border into Ukraine, sources tell CNN, a blind spot that’s due in large part to the lack of US boots on the ground in the country – and the easy portability of many of the smaller systems now pouring across the
U.S. Is Struggling to Counter China’s Intellectual Property TheftU.S. Is Struggling to Counter China’s Intellectual Property
A cautionary tale on mass data collection, from Afghanistan – Coda StorySince the Taliban re-took Afghanistan in 2021, people on the ground have feared that authorities would gain access to databases holding troves of personal information about Afghans, particularly those who worked with the U.S. military or foreign NGOs. Sources with direct knowledge of the digitization initiatives have confirmed to us that this has indeed happened.
La guerre de l’information est-elle efficace ? / Afis Science – Association française pour l’information scientifiqueLa guerre de l’information désigne « une combinaison d’actions humaines ou technologiques destinées à l’appropriation, la destruction ou la modification de l’information »
The Bin Laden Papers: How the Abbottabad Raid Revealed the Truth about al-QaedaJoin New America for a discussion of Nelly Lahoud’s book, detailing what the Bin Laden papers can tell us about al-Qaeda and Bin
This Is The Shadowy Special Operations Mothership You’ve Never Heard OfFor a ghost of a special operations ship, the Carolyn Chouest has an amazing history but lack of funding may spell the end of her
The hybrid war in Ukraine – Microsoft On the IssuesToday, Microsoft released a report detailing the relentless and destructive Russian cyberattacks observed in a hybrid war against Ukraine. Starting just before the invasion, at least six separate Russia-aligned nation-state actors launching more than 237 operations against Ukraine have been noted – including destructive attacks that are
Russia’s War in Ukraine Has Complicated the Means Through Which Cybercriminals Launder Funds. Here’s How They’re AdaptingRecent sanctions coupled with Russia’s measures to better control the flow of information and activity on the internet, has prompted threat actors to pursue a variety of financial
DVIDS – Publications – the BYTEThe focus for this issue of The BYTE magazine is AvengerCon. Now in its sixth iteration, AvengerCon is a free security event hosted every fall by Maryland Innovation and Security Institute to benefit the hackers of the U.S. Cyber Command community and the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade. The event is open to all service members and employees of U.S. Cyber Command and Department of Defense personnel supporting cyberspace missions. AvengerCon features presentations, hacker villages, training workshops, and much more.
Researchers Share In-Depth Analysis of PYSA Ransomware GroupResearchers provide an in-depth technical analysis of the PYSA ransomware group primarily striking government, healthcare, and educational
The ultimate guide to threat intelligence for corporate security and risk monitoringWhat is threat intelligence? How can it transform your corporate security? The ultimate guide to threat intelligence has all of the
Londres «consterné» par l’arrestation du premier ministre des Iles Vierges britanniques pour trafic de drogueLe gouvernement britannique s’est dit «consterné» par l’arrestation jeudi 28 avril en Floride du premier ministre des Iles Vierges britanniques,…
Supply-Chain Bottlenecks a Risk Factor for Corruption – WSJShortages amid sanctions and supply-chain breakdowns present a looming corruption risk, experts
When Things Turn Sour: A Network Event Study of Organized Crime Violence – Journal of Quantitative CriminologyThis study examines the mechanisms underpinning the emergence of violence among individuals in the organized crime milieu. Relying on criminal event data
Universality of political corruption networksCorruption crimes demand highly coordinated actions among criminal agents to succeed. But research dedicated to corruption networks is still in its infancy and indeed little is known about the properties of these networks. Here we present a comprehensive investigation of corruption networks related to political scandals in Spain and Brazil over nearly three decades. We show that corruption networks of both countries share universal structural and dynamical properties, including similar degree distributions, clustering and assortativity coefficients, modular structure, and a growth process that is marked by the coalescence of network components due to a few recidivist criminals. We propose a simple model that not only reproduces these empirical properties but reveals also that corruption networks operate near a critical recidivism rate below which the network is entirely fragmented and above which it is overly connected. Our research thus indicates that actions focused on decreasing corruption recidivism may substantially mitigate this type of organized
Terrorism Open Source Databases | START.umd.eduOpen source databases on terrorism are created from unclassified, publicly available information retrieved from print (e.g. newspapers) and digital (e.g. online news reports) media. Over the past two decades the number and scope of open source databases on terrorism has greatly increased. The unit of analysis for these databases have either been events, organizations
The surging violent crime rate in Ecuador: gang killings, drug trafficking and Mexican cartels – Intelligence FusionWhat is behind the surging violent crime rate in Ecuador? We look at the drug trafficking, foreign cartels and violent criminals
Mexican Cartels Fly 9,000 Drone Flights into U.S. to Surveil Law Enforcement Operations | Judicial WatchMexican drug cartels have conducted more than 9,000 drone flights into U.S. airspace in the last year to surveil American law enforcement and security operations in the southern border region, a senior Homeland Security official told Judicial Watch this week. The drones are observing federal, state, county, and city agencies near the Mexican border, including the U.S. Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas National Guard, county sheriffs and local police. The Border Patrol, which operates under Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has captured about a dozen of the drones, and accessed the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAVs) guidance and memory systems to gain intelligence information, according to a high-level official at the
German spies shunned offer to meet Wirecard fugitive Jan Marsalek in MoscowSenior BND staff in Berlin rejected the idea of a meeting with a suspected informal associate of Russia’s
‘Freezing Order’ is the true story of money laundering, murder and Putin’s wrath : NPRScott Simon talks with investor Bill Browder about his book, “Freezing Order: A True Story of Russian Money Laundering, State-Sponsored Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin’s Wrath.”
Ukrainian Intelligence: CSTO countries do not want to fight against UkraineThe Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine says that the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) have no desire to take part in the war against
How one US intelligence agency is supporting Ukraine“We’ve been able to be a key part of the how the West has helped Ukraine prevent Russia from overrunning Kiev,“ says NGA Director Vice Adm. Robert
U.S. Sharing More Intelligence With Ukraine for Fight With Russia in Donbas – BloombergThe U.S. has lifted some restrictions on sharing intelligence with Ukraine as it confronts a renewed Russian military assault in the east and south, according to two people familiar with the
‘I don’t regret it’: ex-CIA agent who inspired Zero Dark Thirty defends waterboarding | Al-Qaida | The GuardianIn interview with Reuters Alfreda Scheuer says waterboarding was not torture and insisted such techniques can
MI5 probes MPs’ all-party groups over growing fears they could be infiltrated by Russian spies  | Daily Mail OnlineSecurity chiefs are stepping up probes into MPs’ all-party groups amid growing fears that they could be ‘trojan horses’ for Russian, Chinese and other ‘hostile state actors’ to influence
Spy agency utilizes autistic analysts’ unique skills – CBS News“Sometimes I can do what it would take somebody a week to do in a couple of hours,” geospatial analyst Morgan McCardell
Mikhail Vasenkov Dies at 79; His Spy Ring Inspired ‘The Americans’ – The New York TimesHe and his wife were among 10 Soviet sleeper agents who blended into American society before being exposed and deported in 2010. The TV series sprung from the
European Intelligence Cooperation: A Greek Perspective(Volume 22, No. 1-2, 2021.)Effective intelligence cooperation is hard to achieve even at the national level as different services compete for resources and attention from the decision makers, past terrorist incidents in Europe served as a wake up for the public and private institutions to promote intelligence sharing and cooperation among European Union institutions and Member States.
Ukraine’s top military spy comments on tactical mistakes of « world’s second-strongest army”Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate, believes that Russia’s offensive on Kyiv failed due to the incompetent approach of the Russian command to conducting such a large-scale operation. —
Russian spies ‘have infiltrated US intelligence at time when need to anticipate Putin’s next move is greater than ever’RUSSIAN moles have “almost certainly” infiltrated US intelligence services, former spooks have warned in an explosive new book.Active spies
The Fake Federal Agents Case Baffling US Intelligence Experts | WIREDGuns. Luxury apartments. Duped Secret Service personnel. Did the FBI uncover a foreign plot, or something more ridiculous?
ROYAUME-UNI : La Defence Intelligence veut renforcer ses synergies avec le privéEn première ligne du conflit ukrainien, le renseignement militaire britannique cherche à améliorer ses processus internes. Le futur directeur devra accélérer sur les chantiers qui ont recours à des prestataires privés, en matière de traitement de l’imagerie spatiale et de transformation numé
Ukraine Says It’s Doxing Russian Troops and Spies | WIREDUkraine claims to have doxed Russian troops and spies, while hacktivists are regularly leaking private information from Russian
Top intel official had inappropriate relationship, misused email, Pentagon probe found – POLITICOGarry Reid still oversaw a series of sensitive portfolios after the 2020 investigation concluded he violated
Biden Administration to Provide Ukraine With More Intelligence, Heavier Weapons to Fight Russia – WSJThe moves will enable Ukraine to target Moscow’s forces in Donbas and Crimea and counter an anticipated Russian
U.S. Expands Intelligence Sharing With Ukraine on Russian Forces in Donbas Region – The New York TimesWestern officials say they expect the Kremlin to mount a major offensive in the Donbas, where Russian-backed separatists have been fighting Ukrainian forces for
Les leçons de la guerre en Ukraine pour le renseignement militaire françaisAlors que le directeur du renseignement militaire a quitté son poste il y a deux semaines, la communauté du renseignement défend l’analyse qui avait été faite des risques d’invasion tout en s’interrogeant sur la transparence adoptée par les
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