« In response to a requirement set in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, the authors examine the strengths and vulnerabilities of China’s defense industrial base (DIB) by designing and applying a comparative analytic structure that could be used to assess any country’s DIB.

This assessment of China’s DIB applies the new methodology’s focus on six fundamental topics: economics; governance and regulations; research, development, and innovation; workforce, labor, and skills; manufacturing; and raw materials. The methodology was designed as a comparative systems analysis to reveal systemic strengths and vulnerabilities of a country’s DIB, and, in doing so for China, the authors have further identified several areas in which China is reliant on the United States and U.S. allies. Coalescing the report’s findings into an integrated analysis will provide input to U.S. and other nations’ policymakers in an era of renewed strategic competition. The authors also identify information requirements that would improve the assessment of China’s and other countries’ DIBs in the future. »

Source : Assessing Systemic Strengths and Vulnerabilities of China’s Defense Industrial Base: With a Repeatable Methodology for Other Countries | RAND

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