[#AI|#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « About the Essence of Intelligence – Will Artificial Intelligence (Ever) Cover Human Intelligence? » (2022)

By Hannu Jaakkola, Bernhard Thalheim, Jaak Henno « Computers were originally developed for executing complex calculations fast and effectively. The intelligence of computer was based on […]

[#AI|#INTELLIGENCE] Rapport: « Move Over JARVIS, Meet OSCAR » – CSIS

By Emily Harding « Vast new sources of publicly available information combined with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities have revolutionized the way we think about data […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Finding a match: the revolution in recruitment and its application to selecting intelligence analysts: Intelligence and National Security » (2022)

« Intelligence agencies face notable problems in recruitment. In particular, candidates can easily misunderstand intelligence assessments roles. Challenges sit on the recruiter’s side too. Some of […]

[ #INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Taking Intelligence to the Next Level | Advanced Intelligence Analysis » (2022)

By Patrick McGlynn « Taking Intelligence to the Next Level: Advanced Intelligence Analysis Methodologies Using Real-World Business, Crime, Military, and Terrorism Examples examines intelligence gathering and […]

#Australia and #Japan to sign security cooperation treaty during virtual summit | ABC News | #IndoPacific

« Australia and Japan are set to sign a treaty to beef up defence and … amid growing co-operation between the US, Japan, India and Australia. » […]

GameChangers 2021: How Organized Crime Devoured the Amazon Rainforest | InSight Crime | #drugtraffic #brazil #deforestation #organizedcrime

« There was record destruction of the Amazon in 2020, as the rainforest lost an area around the size of Belize, and the situation looks to […]

Pour sortir du charbon, la #Roumanie se met au mini-nucléaire | Ouest France | #nucléaire #USA

« Le pays a choisi la technologie américaine et espère inaugurer les premiers petits modules SMR de l’Union européenne. » Source : Pour sortir du charbon, la Roumanie […]

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