By Giacomo Bersano, Matteo Spreafico

« Managing the unpredictability of the market, the complexity of innovative systems and its technological development is crucial for the management branch of a company; to do this, it is necessary to coordinate all the efforts of commercial, production and innovation groups towards a common goal. However, aligning all the different departments is challenging, then the collaborative creation of a roadmap can help to overcome this obstacle. Thanks to its flexibility, the method adapts to any scenario, managing the complexity of strategic planning. However, the effectiveness of developing a roadmap depends largely on the information the development team has. In this paper a road mapping method is presented, in particular to demonstrate how high level patent intelligence can complement and support roadmap workshops. The focus of this paper will be on an in-depth IP analysis of the wind power generation sector. The innovation is contained in the methodology of extraction of information from the patent pool, which uses semantic analysis tools to speed up the process by automating it, being able to increase the level of depth of the information extracted. »

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