By Anna Mokhorova, Dmitriy Mokhorov, Bella Kerefova, Sergey Kosarev

« Combating corruption is an important part of the national policy of states. However, measures taken at the state level are no longer sufficient to fight corruption, which is a new challenge for states and governments. As a result, international anti-corruption cooperation is strengthening, attempts are made to develop a unified strategy to combat corruption at the regional and interstate levels, new methods of combating corruption are formed, and a regulatory framework for combating corruption is created.

The research methodology is based on a systematic approach to the phenomenon under study that examines the fight against corruption from the political and legal, socio-economic, and moral perspectives; the institutional method that made it possible to consider the fight against corruption as a special political and legal institution of the modern society; and the concept of a philosophical worldview that allows an in-depth analysis of integration anti-corruption processes.

The result of the work is related to determining the need for a clearer legal regulation of the nomenclature in the field of combating corruption at the international level, as well as the need to coordinate anti-corruption strategies and methods to in different countries. »

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