By Romeo Drobarov, Biljana Popovska

« Organized crime as a concept, phenomenon and a threat attracts attention and raises interest to be studied. Moreover, it provokes reactions both among the academia and practicioners. This paper offers various theories useful to understand and explain organized crime and, in addition, how to deal with it both as a criminal and social threat. Also, it identifies what is missing. Thus, it provides a theoretical range of definitions and legal frameworks for the notion and the act of organized crime. Theorizing about organized crime and dealing with it within the European Union by top scientists in this field offers an authoritative and at the same time easy approach for it to be embedded into the legal framework needed for further communication and coordination by practitioners in law enforcement and other agencies in the EU member states. This paper is intended to be a central development reference not only to understand organized crime but also a point for further research work about the forms and ways to prevent and deal with it. »

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