By Eddy Odhomi

« The Thesis work has explored the effects of cybercrime and their motivesbehind the actionsof the hackersfor taking such an act,in disruptingcompaniesservices, networks,and mostobviously,the financial consequences that can lead to millions of euros.Other areasthat werecovered werethetypes of cybercrime and their differences. The main objective of the thesis is to reveal the operative level of cybercrime in the logistic industry and the potential risk, threats,thatwhennotproperly handled could result inhuge detrimental effectsto the company.The responsibility of the company, in taking the initiative for prioritizing of their security major, on their internal security-for the protection of corporate data,and taking the responsibility on the cloud customer, staff, or employee rather than the cloud security provider would be discussed.The research styleusedwas the quantitative approach,in the gathering of data throughthe newsletter, from the company’s webpages(DHL). Some other sourcesconsultedwerethe internet and books for the theoretical background,in giving a conceptionalun-derstanding of what cybercrime isanditspotential threats.Thefindingswere intriguing, because, theyrevealed that, cybercrimeis becoming soon,the most prevailingthreat to companies,as well as society,since technologyus-age isbecoming,the norm in handling information.With the current COVID 19 pan-demics, making technological usage tripled, also brings alongside the unavoidable con-sequencesof the cyber threat that most companies are notprepared for.Conclusively, cybercrime is a modern-day issue that should be dealtwith, proactivelyratherthanreactively,if the consequence isto be minimized or prevented. »

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