By Sahar Bint Muhammad Al-Samdani, Nariman Khaled Hambishi

« The decision-making process is one of the administrative processes taken by the departments in the organizations. In fact, it is one of the challenges they face. Indeed, the quality of decision-making process may not be completed as required if it is done in a traditional way. The use of modern technology in organizations has contributed to raising the quality of decisions, and here comes the role of artificial intelligence in its ability to solve problems and to predict the future to know the appropriate decisions that the organization must take to raise its level in all marketing, financial and organizational fields. This systematic review aims at knowing the role of artificial intelligence in improving the quality of decision-making in organizations, and the extent to which organizations are prepared to face challenges and obstacles when adopting artificial intelligence techniques in their organizations. This is done by surveying and analyzing studies that dealt with this topic in terms of importance, objective, methodology and what they reached as results and knowledge of the most important proposed models that help organizations measure their readiness and apply some algorithms and techniques to raise the quality of decisions in organizations. One of the most important findings of the study was that the application of artificial intelligence techniques helps organizations analyze clients and review data to help them make the right decision to support customers and deal with their complaints. In fact, artificial intelligence provided organizations with a comprehensive understanding regarding the accuracy of prediction and appropriate decisionmaking. It was also found that some organizations are ready to employ artificial intelligence in several areas within the organization in order to make decisions, raise efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. It also helps in the process of detecting crises related to the company’s events. Thus, we find that these results have a great impact on the community of organizations and it motivates them to quickly prepare for the application of artificial intelligence techniques to support the quality of their decisions to obtain sustainable development. The most important recommendations are that organizations and their decision-makers must ensure their readiness to apply artificial intelligence techniques while providing models and special work methods for organizations’ decision support programs to help them in how to apply and implement them to reach the desired goals of high-quality decisions that raise the level and performance of organizations. »

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