By Azizakhon Avazxonovna Allanova, Choudhoury Kaustav

« Crime in the field of economics is explained by the fact that it is inherently variable and complex, requires constant study, and because of these aspects it is not possible to define it definitively. This poses a number of challenges in improving legislation against economic crime.The problem of crime in the field of economics has been of interest to researchers since the earliest days of this phenomenon. Early research in this area began with the study of its types related to property encroachment.There are various definitions of the concept of crime in the field of economics, but it was first known to the public as “white collar crime”. The author of the phrase, the American criminologist E. Saderland, in 1940 he called the set of offenses committed by high-ranking officials in the course of their professional duties a « white-collar crime. » Well-known Swedish scholar B. Svenson described economic crimes as greedy crimes committed in the course of economic activity ».

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