By Brigit L. Davis

« Worldwide social movements are increasingly engendering mostthreats a nation-state faces internally and externally, which can have long-term implications for its national security. Research within available literature on predictingsocial movement threatsto nation-state security revealed a significant gap. This research helped address the gap by investigating the possibility of United States strategic security practitioners developing a structured analytical model using social media content. The investigation focused on finding social movement themes associated with movements that have posed a national security threat in literature, assessing the ability to observe those themes in social movement social media content, and exploring structured analytical techniques to develop a model. This research revealed it is possible to observe themes from literature in social media content, as six out of the sixprimarythemes observed in the literature appeared in the collected data. Exploring the paired comparison and weighted ranking structured analytical techniques also revealed distinct possibilities in predictingemerging threats. Attaining the ability to predictpotential threats at the level of specificity required for a nation-state to implement non-violent pre-emptive actions to reduce or eliminate the threat before it becomesarealitywould be a significant advancement in the field of strategic security. This research did not produce a fully vetted model using social movement themes and social movement socialmedia content; however, pursuing research to explore the possibilities further and develop one is the key recommendation resultingfrom this research effort. »

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