[#INTELLIGENCE] Thèse: « Anticipating Social Movement National Security Threats: Social Media Content’s Potential in Developing a Structured Analytical Model »

By Brigit L. Davis « Worldwide social movements are increasingly engendering mostthreats a nation-state faces internally and externally, which can have long-term implications for its national […]

[#CrimOrg] Rapport: « Serious Organised Crime Threat Assessment » (2021)

By Europol A corrupting influence: the infiltration and undermining of Europe’s economy and society by organised crime. The EU SOCTA 2021 is the outcome of […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Rapport: « Analytic Rigour in Intelligence »

University of Melbourne – Hunt Lab for Intelligence Research « Analytic rigour is central to intelligence work, but there has not been a widely accepted, wellgrounded […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « A Large-Scale Interview Study on Information Security in and Attacks against Small and Medium-sized Enterprises »

By Nicolas Huaman, Bennet von Skarczinski, Christian Stransky, Dominik Wermke, Yasemin Acar, Arne Dreißigacker, Sascha Fahl « Cybercrime is on the rise. Attacks by hackers, organized […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Livre: « Spooked: The Secret Rise of Private Spies »

By Barry Meier « Private spies are the invisible force that shapes our modern world: they influence our elections, effect government policies and shape the fortunes […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Documentaire: « Où sont les milliards de Kadhafi ? | ARTE » (2020)

By Misha Wessel, Thomas Blom « Que sont devenus les milliards de dollars que le colonel Kadhafi, peu de temps avant sa chute, a mis à […]

[#Compliance] Documentaire: « Afrique du Sud, corruption au sommet de l’État | ARTE » (2019)

By Rehad Desai « En 2017, les « GuptaLeaks » révèlent l’étendue de la corruption qui frappe les institutions sud-africaines. Retour sur un scandale politico-financier qui a précipité […]

[#CrimOrg] Rapport: « Organized Crime Infiltration of Legitimate Businesses in Europe: A Pilot Project in Five European Countries » (2015)

Editors: Savona Ernesto U., Berlusconi Giulia « Project ARIEL – Assessing the Risk of the Infiltration of Organised Crime in EU MSs Legitimate Economies: a Pilot […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Nested Complex Crime: Assessing the Convergence of Wildlife Trafficking, Organized Crime and Loose Criminal Networks »

By William D Moreto, Daan P van Uhm « Wildlife trafficking is considered to be an example of a transnational organized crime by policymakers and enforcement […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Strategic intelligence practice in the Australian intelligence community: evolution, constraints and progress »

By Patrick F. Walsh, Mark Harrison « This article explores the development of strategic intelligence practice in Australia’s national intelligence community (NIC) since 9/11. It shows […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « IT-induced cognitive biases in intelligence analysis: big data analytics and serious games » (2018)

By Alessandro Zanasi, Fabio Ruini « Cognitive biases are unconscious deviations in judgement – rooted in the very nature of the human mind – that represent […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Shaping space. A conceptual framework on the connections between organised crime groups and territories »

By Anna Sergi, Luca Storti « This paper, which is the introduction to this special issue on ‘Spaces of Organised Crime’, aims to analyse the nexus […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Evaluating risks-based communities of Mafia companies: a complex networks perspective »

By Nicola Giuseppe Castellano, Roy Cerqueti, Bruno Maria Franceschetti « This paper presents a data-driven complex network approach, to show similarities and differences—in terms of financial […]

[#OSINT|#CrimOrg] Article: « Open Source Information’s Blind Spot – Human and Machine Bias in International Criminal Investigations »

By Yvonne McDermott, Alexa Koenig, Daragh Murray « Digital open source information has been heralded for its democratizing potential, insofar as it allows access to a […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Improving Intelligence Analysis With Decision Science » (2015)

By Mandeep K. Dhami, David R. Mandel, Barbara A. Mellers, and Philip E. Tetlock « Intelligence analysis plays a vital role in policy decision making. Key […]

[#CrimOrg] Article: « Organized Crime vs. White-collar Crime: Which is the Bigger Problem? »

By Jay Albanese « Organized crime and white-collar crime have the same objective, but only one of them dom-inates the public narrative. It is time to […]

[#CrimOrg] Livre: « Gangsters and Other Statesmen: Mafias, Separatists, and Torn States in a Globalized World »

By Danilo Mandic « Separatism has been on the rise across the world since the end of the Cold War, dividing countries through political strife, ethnic […]

[#CrimOrg] Rapport: « The Global Illicit Economy – Trajectories of Organized Crime »

By Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime « Through stark images and charts, this report gives a graphic illustration of how the global illicit economy has […]

[#INTELLIGENCE] Article: « Forecasting forecaster accuracy: Contributions ofpast performance and individual differences »

By Mark Himmelstein, Pavel Atanasov, David V. Budescu « A growing body of research indicates that forecasting skill is a unique and stabletrait: forecasters with a […]


By Jules Hurst « Humans have a tendency to treat emerging technologies as catch-all solutions to endemic problems. Information technology companies actively reinforce this notion in […]

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