By Wojciech Filipkowski

« The aim of this study is to present the possibilities of using structured analytical techniques in building investigative versions. They may relate to ongoing criminal or operational proceedings, but also allow verification of versions created for the purposes of supervision or evaluation of other proceedings. In this area, the study complements and at the same time extends the existing knowledge in the field of forensic tactics. The author presented the current state of knowledge on the methods of building criminal versions and the theoretical justification for the introduction of these techniques to the practice of law enforcement agencies in this aspect. An outline of the methodology of the application of analytical techniques in the construction of new and verification of existing research methods is also presented. This study is based on the author’s speech at the 3rd National Scientific Conference entitled ‘Police X Files’ organised by the Faculty of Law and Administration University of Lodz from September 26th–28th, 2018. »

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