By Bc. Ondřej Zoder

« With the ever-growing amount of data available on the Internet and the wide-spread adoption of social media networks, publicly accessible websites havegrown into a goldmine of valuable information about individuals and com-panies. Open Source Intelligence, shortly OSINT, is any information obtain-able legally and ethically from publicly available sources addressing specificintelligence requirements. The relatively easy and cheap integration makesOSINT a practical solution for national security, cyber threat intelligence,and many other fields. This thesis presents a framework called Pantomathfor an automated collection of OSINT that utilizes many existing tools andservices. The framework is highly modular, provides all the functionalityneeded throughout the whole process of OSINT, offers three modes of oper-ation for different anonymity requirements, and presents the data in a struc-tured output. The reliability of some of the collected data is estimated toallow the user to analyze the data more efficiently and precisely. The frame-work is compared to existing OSINT automation tools, and the most notable advantages and disadvantages are discussed. »

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