« Intelligence analysis is a complex process that not only requires substantial training and deep expertise, but is heavily impacted by human cognitive factors. Studies have shown that even experienced, highly-trained personnel sometimes commit serious errors in judgment as a result of heuristic thinking and the impact of judgment bias in matters of national security can be catastrophic. Developing effective debiasing techniques requires addressing a number of daunting challenges. While intuitively appealing, the ability to construct suitable methods to test behaviour under actual work conditions is limited and the generalisability of findings from laboratory settings to work settings is a serious concern. To date, researchers have performed only limited investigations of a small number of debiasing techniques in the workplace. There is still a strong need for experimentally validated debiasing techniques that can be incorporated into analytic tradecraft so that foreseeable thinking errors can be avoided. Drawing from the useful features of prior studies, a reference framework has been developed for the experimental evaluation of bias mitigations applied to problems of an intelligence nature. »

Source : Experimentally Evaluating Bias-Reducing Visual Analytics Techniques in Intelligence Analysis | SpringerLink

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