Social Network Analysis of Organized Crime Groups (OCGs) and Terrorist Organizations (TOs) Between Europe and South America

Intelligence Observer


Roland Blatnik

20 November 2016

Through Social Network Analysis (SNA) Linkages to Reduce Terrorism and Organized Crime is Likely

Executive Summary:

Through the study of Organized Crime Groups (OCGs) and Terrorist Organizations (TOs) in Social Network Analysis (SNA), it is likely to create openings for the elimination, weakening, or isolation of these groups by manipulating their linkages to other organizations. The support for this SNA study is on the motivations, operating methods, and resources required to sustain growth for both OCGs and TOs. Leading in this SNA, and the focus of this paper, is the ‘Ndrangheta (an Italian Mafia group) for the OCGs due to the adjusted centrality scores. Meanwhile Hezbollah’s brief discussion is due to its unadjusted centrality scores, even though it is a major group to target as well. All this is to develop a means of visualizing the social networks between South America and Europe, in order…

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