TAPI – IPI: North Stream and South Stream tactics for Turkmenistan?

Everyone’s Competing For Access To This Country’s Natural Gas Reserves

Turkmenistan’s natural gas reserves are the fourth largest in the world according to energy giant BP, behind Russia, Iran and Qatar. The reclusive Central Asian nation is far from alone, however, in hoping to capitalize on this fact. Numerous outsiders including, but not limited to Russia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, China, the US all hold interests in the nation’s vast hydrocarbon stores. Some seek direct access to the reserves for energy purposes, while others’ interests are more subtle and strategic. We’re going to try to break down these competing interests into country-specific narratives to flesh out the importance and complexity of the game developing in and around Turkmenistan.

The EEZs’ chess games: what about the Indian Ocean?

Indian Ocean: Strategic Imperatives For India To Keep It Indian – Analysis

By Dr Subhash Kapila

“The Indian Ocean is where the rivalry between the United States and China in the Pacific interlocks the regional rivalry between China and India and also with America’s fight against Islamic terrorism and the Middle East, which includes America’s attempt to contain Iran” — Robert Kaplan