Transcript: « The South China Sea: Disputes, Risks and Diplomacy »

Who would control South China Sea?

The South China Sea: Disputes, Risks and Diplomacy Why is there maritime tension between China and its southeast Asian neighbours, and where is it heading? […]

China’s Naval Strategy: Strategic Evolution and Emerging Concepts of Warfare

How India sees China presence in « its » Ocean?

Maritime Ambitions of China Before the 15th century China was a seafaring nation, with advanced shipbuilding and navigation skills. After the famous voyages of Admiral […]

India’s Industrial Sector: Faltering Growth?

Where India goes?

Liberal reforms in India In its second term in office since 2008, the Congress-led central government has frequently failed to implement a second round of […]

Afghanistan: who after NATO?

China’s Afghan Moment Until recently, Beijing’s policy in Afghanistan could be characterized as masterful inactivity: It sat on the sidelines of a war that it […]

Made in American, Again – Why Manufacturing Will Return to the U.S.

Build in the USA!

U.S. Could Add 5 Million Manufacturing Jobs by 2020 The United States is becoming a one of the lower-cost manufacturing centers in the world, according […]

Organized Retailing in India – Challenges and Opportunities

Retail in India open to worldwide competition?

FDI in retail to encourage competition Coming to the defence of the government facing stiff opposition over opening multi-brand retail to foreign investment, the Competition […]

TAPI – IPI: North Stream and South Stream tactics for Turkmenistan?

Everyone’s Competing For Access To This Country’s Natural Gas Reserves Turkmenistan’s natural gas reserves are the fourth largest in the world according to energy giant […]

The EEZs’ chess games: what about the Indian Ocean?

Indian Ocean: Strategic Imperatives For India To Keep It Indian – Analysis By Dr Subhash Kapila “The Indian Ocean is where the rivalry between the […]

Water challenges for India: dependent on others’ resources

India’s Water Scarcity Poses Major Long-Term Risks The issue of water shortages is likely to become more prominent over the coming decades, as the world’s […]

Spratlys islands: in the middle of EEZs?

Seabed resources or strategic trade routes approach?

Philippines sends more troops to guard disputed islands The Philippines has deployed 800 more Marines and opened a new headquarters to guard its interests in […]

Iran tankers fleet growing

Sanction efficiency # energy pragmastism

China delivers first of new Iranian oil tankers A Chinese shipyard has delivered the first of 12 supertankers to Iran, giving Tehran extra capacity to […]

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