Towards an India/Pakistan rapprochement?

India, Pakistan trade: a growing necessity

India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion made a historic decision last month by removing the six-decade old ban on Pakistani investment in that country. India’s new finance minister Chidambaram thinks that “shared economic ties will work as a bulwark against war”, after the Indian commerce ministry issued a statement that all Pakistani citizens and corporations are now permitted to invest in any Indian economic sector, except defence, space and atomic energy. Removing trade barriers seems like a logical step forward towards improving bilateral relations.

Pakistans relations with India: beyond Kashmir?

Borders of dispute

Are India and China stretching their muscles?

In a first, Indian tank brigades to defend China border

The army’s defences on the China border will get a major offensive boost with the impending deployment of two tank brigades, one each in Ladakh and north-east India. This is the first time that India will deploy armoured formations on the China border. Such formations, equipped with main battle tanks and BMP-II infantry combat vehicles, are traditionally used for striking into enemy territory.

Cold Water Wars?

Uzbekistan Leader Warns of Water Wars in Central Asia

Uzbekistan water resources

President Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan has upped his rhetoric against neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, warning that their efforts to build hydroelectric power stations on rivers upstream could spark war.

Regional conflict over water in Central Asia

And in the meanwhile what about Afghanistan resources?

Exxon Explores ‘Very Promising’ Oil And Gas Fields In Afghanistan

More top-tier energy companies are likely to join the race to explore for oil and gas in Afghanistan after the world’s biggest publicly traded firm, Exxon Mobil, changed perceptions of what the country may hold by showing interest in drilling.