Towards an India/Pakistan rapprochement?

India, Pakistan trade: a growing necessity India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion made a historic decision last month by removing the six-decade old ban […]

Pakistans relations with India: beyond Kashmir?

Borders of dispute

Are India and China stretching their muscles?

In a first, Indian tank brigades to defend China border The army’s defences on the China border will get a major offensive boost with the […]

Cold Water Wars?

Uzbekistan Leader Warns of Water Wars in Central Asia President Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan has upped his rhetoric against neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, warning that […]

Regional conflict over water in Central Asia

And in the meanwhile what about Afghanistan resources?

Exxon Explores ‘Very Promising’ Oil And Gas Fields In Afghanistan More top-tier energy companies are likely to join the race to explore for oil and […]

Mineral Resources of Afghanistan

The Trans Asia Railways Network

Infrastructures, railways, are not only an internal stake for India but also a matter of regional economy and policy. Filling some gaps would allow India […]

Infrastructures stakes for India economy sustainable development

Is India Prime Minister in the turmoil, politically and economically?

India’s ‘silent’ prime minister becomes a tragic figure India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh helped set his country on the path to modernity, prosperity and power, […]

Turkey oil blocks

Will Turkey become an Oil & Gas regional power?

Shell drills deeper into Turkish fuel exploration Alongside its activities in the Mediterranean and exploring for shale gas in Diyarbakır, Dutch Shell is also interested […]

Can India Revive Nonalignment?

Can India Revive Nonalignment?

Nonalignment is an impossible dream, even perilous, for states with big aspirations. India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is leading a large delegation to the summit […]

Arctic Eclusive Economic Zones

And in the meanwile Arctic keeps on melting!

As the Arctic melts, Asia shudders at the risks but slavers at the opportunities The Arctic is melting faster than almost anybody expected. It has […]

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