Seabed resources and fishing areas stakes behind « rocks’ game »

The Japan Coast Guard says at least 10 Japanese landed on one of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture on Sunday morning. The East China Sea islands are also claimed by China and Taiwan.

Turkey and the bomb

Carnegie Endownment for Peace paper by Siman Ülgen

« Though most states that want a nuclear weapon can get one through determined effort, the fact remains that most choose not to proliferate. Turkey is no exception. Not even the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran is likely to push Ankara to develop its own nuclear weapons. The only circumstance where such a scenario would acquire a degree of likelihood is a breakdown in Turkey’s security relationship with the United States. »

The business of Ramadan: ‘fast’ food, fast bucks

NDTV: the business of Ramadan

Following some estimations, the Indian muslim population is equivalent to the total population of Pakistan, making India the second largest muslim country after Indonesia.

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