The complex map of gas reserve with the actual situation perspective

Rising energy tensions in the Aegean: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria

The discovery in late 2010 of the huge natural gas bonanza off Israel’s Mediterranean shores triggered other neighboring countries to look more closely at their own waters. The results revealed that the entire eastern Mediterranean is swimming in huge untapped oil and gas reserves. That discovery is having enormous political, geopolitical as well as economic consequences. It well may have potential military consequences too.

China’s new loans surge in June, raising inflation fears

China’s new yuan-denominated loans surged in June as the government moved to buoy the slowing economy, raising concerns that fast credit growth will push up inflation.

June’s new yuan-denominated loans rose by 285.9 billion yuan (about US$45 billion) year on year to 919.8 billion yuan (US$144 billion), the People’s Bank of China, or the central bank.

Wesley Clark Seeks Licence For Oil in Kosovo

The US General who led NATO’s campaign against Serbia in 1999 has asked Kosovo’s government for a licence to transform the country’s untapped coal reserves into fuel, a letter obtained by Prishtina Insight reveals.

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