For those interested by asteroids mining and science fiction, Peter F. Hamilton’s books “Greg Mandel – Mindstar” are partially taking place in an asteroid mined by “Event Horizon”.

Planetary Resources: Mining Asteroids?

It was only a month ago Hollywood Director James Cameron emerged from the bottom of the Mariana’s Trench, setting a world-record for the deepest solo dive by any human in history. Today, he’s already getting involved in another adventure… mining asteroids in outer space. I’m not even kidding.

Rare Earths from Madagascar

Rhodia and Tantalus Rare Earths AG announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) relating to technical co-operation for the development of an optimal process for generating rare earth concentrates from the large near surface Tantalus rare earth project in Madagascar and the exclusive supply of these rare earth products to Rhodia. The LOI will be followed by a definitive Technical Cooperation Agreement and Offtake Agreement for up to 15,000 t/a of rare earth products from Tantalus.

How India is creating the next big solar market

With nations around the world vying for clean energy leadership, India has taken a bold step toward becoming a leader in solar development. In only two years under India’s ambitious national solar policies, prices for solar energy in India have dropped dramatically, approaching the price of traditional energy from fossil fuels. While the Indian government has a long way to go to reach its goals of 20 gigawatts of solar energy by 2022, India’s experience is a strong example of how national and state policies can unleash the potential of clean energy.

The modern world is long past the days of depending on sails and wind power to drive ships from coast to coast — or at least it was, until the University of Tokyo developed a remarkable metal sail system.

Although hybrid freighters have been around for a while, and wind has been used as recently as 2008 to markedly reduce fuel costs (remember the MS Beluga Skysails?), the potential for the University of Tokyo’s ship to cut costs is even greater.

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