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The India interests on Afghanistan

To ensure that the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Gas Pipeline Project does not remain a pipedream, India and Pakistan have decided to work on a joint strategy to resolve the contentious issue of transit fees in January.

Azeri Defense Minister Safar Abiyev and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran

Azerbaijan Breaks Iranian-Linked Spy Network

The South Caucasus has emerged as a battleground between Iran and its adversaries. Recent weeks have seen Iranian assassination attempts against Israeli diplomats in Baku and Tbilisi, a massive Israeli-Azerbaijani arms deal (EDM, March 7) and, most recently, the announcement that Azerbaijan’s national security ministry had arrested 22 Azerbaijani citizens allegedly linked to an Iranian-plot to attack the Israeli and US embassies in Baku (, March 14).

A bill intended to help startups could turn back decades of regulation and amounts to a “bipartisan route to disaster,” former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson writes.

Exclusive: India to urge airlines to opt out of EU carbon scheme – Topix

Trends in international arms transfers, 2011

The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database now contains information on all international transfers of major conventional weapons from 1950 to the end of 2011. It is the only publicly available resource providing consistent data on international arms transfers for this length of time. This Fact Sheet describes the trends in international arms transfers that are revealed by the new data. It lists the main suppliers and recipients for the period 2007–11 and describes the changes in regional trends.

ExMergere: India was the first world importer over the period, accounting for 10 per cent in weapons volume. India has announced a 17% increase of its defence budget … far beyond China!

Chinese navy flotilla arrives in Gulf of Aden