“Ah … good old times …”

From left: Bo Xilai, who was removed from his post as Communist Party chief of Chongqing; Xu Caihou, vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission; and Zhang Dejiang, vice premier of China.

Upstart Leader in China Is Ousted From Party Post

Bo Xilai, the brash Communist Party chief of the Chongqing municipality in China’s southwest, has been removed from his post, an unmistakable sign that recent scandals in that city have put an end to his political ambitions and complicated the national leadership transition that will take place in the fall.

Until recently, Mr. Bo had been expected to join the all-powerful Standing Committee of the Politburo, a nine-member body that effectively runs the country. Seven of the members are to be replaced, and Mr. Bo’s demotion suggests there will be more drama in a usually secret process.

The global trade exchanges in 2030.

Indonesia and Turkey Emerge from the MIST

If you’re thinking about expanding globally in 2012, you’ve got plenty of options. Just as BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China) demonstrated white hot growth through the first decade of the 21st century, MIST economies (Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey) are similarly poised, as we touched on in an earlier post. With their higher per-capita income and GDP, they offer tremendous opportunity to companies planning for strategic global growth. Let’s take a look at two beyond the shores of North America.

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