War Between Pakistan And India Has 70% Chance Of Going Nuclear

India least resilient BRIC nation to global risks: Survey

A robust economic growth seems to have made little improvement to India’s ability to withstand major external shocks, making it the most exposed and least resilient BRIC nation to the global risks.

According to a study conducted by risk analysis firm Maplecroft, India has been ranked as the 19th most exposed and least resilient country worldwide to the global risks.

L’émir Hamad Ibn Khalifa Al Thani et son épouse Cheikha Mozah. © Jane Mingay/WPA/Getty images

Cheikha Mozah, l’atout charme du Qatar

Mère de sept enfants sur les vingt-sept de l’émir – dont l’héritier, Cheikh Tamim, 31 ans, qui a évincé Cheikh Jassim, issu d’un autre mariage -, Cheikha Mozah est une princesse engagée et une redoutable femme d’affaires. Présidente du Conseil suprême pour les affaires familiales, vice-présidente du Conseil suprême de l’éducation et ambassadrice de l’Unesco, elle est aussi à la tête de la Fondation du Qatar, qui investit massivement dans l’excellence universitaire, et du groupe Qatar Luxury, qui a racheté en août la marque française Le Tanneur et dont elle veut faire un géant international du luxe, au même titre que LVMH.

The Somali Piracy Model: Coming to a Sea Near You

Over the past decade, the western Indian Ocean unexpectedly emerged as a hotbed for maritime crime as pirates — safe-havened in Somalia — menaced seafarers as far east as the Maldives. Shipping companies have been hit hard, with one estimate placing the direct costs of Somali piracy at $5.5 billion in 2011. Despite a multinational naval flotilla deployed to counter the pirates, attacks continued to grow last year. 


Following a report from Ocean Beyond Piracy, the cost of piracy in 2011 was around 7 billions $, most of it being the “increased speeds” (40% of the costs) plus 9% of re-routing.

All this means that around 3.5 billions $ are spent in fuels … Is piracy a threat to ecology?

Russian Arctic brigades put off to 2015

Russia’s first motorized rifle brigade specially trained for operations in the Arctic will be established in 2015. Arctic brigades will be crated both in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.

It was originally planned that the 200. motorized infantry brigade in Pechenga, some 10 kilometers from the Russian-Norwegian border, would be reorganized as an Arctic brigade already by the end of 2011. Commander of the Russian Ground Forces Col.Gen. Alexander Postnikov now says that the first brigade will be established in 2015, when Russia receives new vehicles designed for operations in the Arctic.

IB demands mechanism to track internet usage on mobile phones from Telecoms Ministry

The intelligence bureau (IB) has demanded that the telecoms ministry ask mobile phone companies to put mechanisms in place to track internet usage on mobile phones.

The IB is of the view that internet usage on computers where the connectivity is offered via Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are traceable. But the same is not applicable when it comes to browsing on mobile phones as telcos had not set up facilities for real time tracking of websites visited by their customers.

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