U.S. and Egypt broach issue of Americans’ trial
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the United States and Egypt are “moving toward a resolution” regarding the prosecution of Americans and other nongovernmental organization employees accused of trying to stoke unrest in the country.
“We are engaged in very intensive discussions with the Egyptian government about finding a solution,” Clinton said during a Senate hearing. “We’ve had a lot of very tough conversations and I think we’re … moving toward a resolution.

Argentina Seeks Boycott of U.K. Products

Argentina’s government has asked companies to stop importing products from the U.K., in the latest escalation of tensions between the countries over the Falkland Islands.

Industry Minister Debora Giorgi on Tuesday called around 20 of the nation’s top chief executives and asked them to replace whatever goods they import from the U.K. with products from other countries.

Renewable Energy Desalination: An Emerging Solution to Close MENA’s Water Gap Renewable Energy Desalination: An Emerging Solution to Close MENA’s Water Gap

Many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are facing real water security challenges. In arid, coastal cities, water demand is often met through large-scale desalination systems powered by fossil fuels. While groundwater and surface water resources are dwindling due to population growth and climate change, more desalination plants will be required to meet the water demand gap.

Epic Sahara Forest Project Unveils Plans For a Pilot Plant in Qatar

The Sahara Forest Project was borne out of a dire necessity to ensure the long term survival of residents living in the Middle East’s desert regions. 60 People from 12 countries have contributed research to the project that aims to turn inhospitable deserts into flourishing food and power producing habitats that harness new climate-specific innovations. Jordan was the first country to come on board, and yesterday, SFP announced a new collaboration with Yara International and QAFCO that will result in a one hectare pilot plant in Doha, Qatar.

Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.” – Marshall McLuhan

Interpol arrests Anonymous hackers: Do they warrant the attention?

Muslim Quota – Will Congress bite SP bait (UP Assembly Election 2012)?

In a move aimed clearly as a message to the Muslims ahead of the last two round of polling in Uttar Pradesh and also as a bait to Congress, the Samajwadi Party on Sunday reiterated its readiness to do business with the principal ruling party at the Centre for ensuring 18% reservation to the community.

La guerre de l’eau

Sanctions contre l’Iran : qui suit l’UE en Europe

Fishermen killing: India-Italy talks fail

External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna and his Italian counterpart Giulio Terzi di Sant’ Agata discussed the on-going investigations in the case but continued to have differences over jurisdiction and legal aspects of the incident..

India and Italy on Tuesday failed to resolve their difference over the trial of two Italian marines for killing two fishermen despite talks between their foreign ministers here.

ExMergere: another incident illustrates the risks linked to the fight against piracy; 2 Hostages Are Killed in Sea Rescue That Frees 16

India to Auction 5% ONGC Stake in ‘Next Couple of Days,’ Oil Minister Says

India plans to auction a stake in Oil & Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC) in the “next couple of days” after failing to meet a revenue target from public offerings of shares in state-owned companies this year.


A 25 percent slump in the benchmark Sensitive Index (SENSEX) in 2011 undermined efforts to sell shares of state-owned companies, with the government meeting 3 percent of its 400 billion rupee ($8.1 billion) target for the year ending March 31. The budget shortfall may widen beyond Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s goal of 4.6 percent as slowing economic growth reduces revenue receipts.

ExMergere: the indian budget deficit is up to 5.6%.

Galula in Algeria – Counterinsurgency Practice versus Theory

This groundbreaking investigation uncovers serious mismatches between David Galula’s counterinsurgency practice in Algeria and his counterinsurgency theory—the foundation of current U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine in Iraq and Afghanistan.


French defense researcher Grégor Mathias compares each of the eight steps of Galula’s theory set out in Counterinsurgency Warfare against his practice of them as described in his writings and now, for the first time, against the SAS archives and those of Galula’s infantry company and battalion. The study shows that Galula systematically inflated his operational successes to match his theoretical scheme and that he left problems unresolved, causing his work to unravel quickly after he left his command. Mathias concludes that, however heuristically fruitful Galula’s theory might prove for U.S. COIN doctrine, it must be interpreted and implemented under the caveat that it was not successfully field-tested by its author.

ExMergere: “David Galula – Combattant, espion, maître à penser de la guerre contre-révolution”

Intervention or Indecision?

Finmeccanica denies wrongdoing in India deal

Finmeccanica denied any wrongdoing over a 560 million euros helicopter deal after Indian authorities launched a corruption probe into the contract which sent shares in the Italian defence and aerospace group reeling.

Defence Minister AK Antony has ordered a probe into the purchase of 12 helicopters from Finmeccanica unit AgustaWestland because of alleged irregularities, two defence ministry sources said, declining to be identified.

The SIPRI Top 100 arms-producing and military services companies, 2010

The SIPRI Top 100 lists the world’s 100 largest arms-producing and military services companies (excluding Chinese companies), ranked by their arms sales in 2010. The list is based on the comprehensive SIPRI Arms Industry Database, which contains financial and employment data on the world’s major arms-producing and military services companies. The SIPRI Top 100 for 2010 is the 23nd edition of the SIPRI Top 100.

Mixed response to India workers’ strike

A strike called by most of India’s major trade unions has had a mixed response, with banks and transport services shut down in some areas.

Banks in Mumbai, the financial capital, were closed, with one union official saying there had been a “complete shutdown” in the sector.

Steps must be taken on an urgent basis to stop the Judaization of Jerusalem. We must move quickly to protect the holy city.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, Qatar Emir, in opening remarks at the International Conference for the Defense of Al Quds in Doha.

“The return to Jerusalem cannot be achieved through slogans, speeches and conferences,” he continued in remarks made public through QNA.

Gulf News reports:

The UN Security Council should adopt a resolution for the formation of the fact-finding committee, Al Thani said, adding that it would be consistent with previous decisions taken by the Council calling on Israel to reverse the actions it took for the Judaization of the holy city, claimed as capital by both Palestinians and Israelis…

Palestinians should exert “every possible effort to preserve the Arab identity of Jerusalem”, “reinforce the national reconciliation process” and “prepare a comprehensive and expanded strategy for the various sectors and projects needed by the city,” he said.

Forceful words! Thoughts?

(via dohanews)

Qatar: « Nous devons agir rapidement pour mettre fin à la judaïsation d’Al-Qods (Jérusalem) »

Le Qatar a appelé aujourd’hui à la création d’une commission d’enquête de l’ONU sur la judaïsation de Jérusalem et averti que les pays du Printemps arabe n’accepteraient plus l’occupation de la Ville sainte par Israël. 

“Nous devons agir rapidement pour mettre fin à la judaïsation d’Al-Qods (Jérusalem)”, a déclaré l’émir du Qatar, cheikh Hamad Ben Khalifa Al-Thani, à l’ouverture d’une conférence internationale sur Jérusalem. Il a appelé l’ONU à former une commission pour enquêter “sur toutes les mesures prises par Israël à Jérusalem-Est depuis son occupation en 1967 pour effacer le caractère arabo-islamique de la ville”. “Que les gouvernements en Occident (…) sachent que l’opinion publique arabe s’est réveillée” et n’acceptera “pas moins qu’une paix juste fondée sur les droits légitimes du peuple palestinien”, dont le droit à un Etat indépendant avec Jérusalem-Est comme capitale, a-t-il averti.


Al-Quds meet adopts Doha Declaration

Al-Arabi Backs Emir’s Proposal to Go to UN for Action against Israel

Drums of war: The US media’s ‘Iranian threat’

Something sounds familiar. ‘Long-range nuclear missiles’, ‘terrorist sleeper cells’, ‘WMDs’: terms which quickly became part of the media’s vocabulary in the run up to the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq. Fast-forward to 2012 and they are featuring heavily once again, only now it is not about Iraq, but Iran. Last time, the media’s saber-rattling followed the Bush administration’s lead in selling the attack on Iraq. This time, the so-called ‘Iranian Threat’ is a narrative being constructed by the US media all by itself – with scant public support from the Obama administration. Our News Divide this week takes a close look at the coverage of Iran and a culture of journalism that seems to have forgotten the very real dangers of hypothesis and conjecture.

Cooperate for border peace: China tells India

Beijing: Reacting sharply to Defence Minister AK Antony’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh for its statehood celebrations, China on Saturday said India should refrain from taking any action that could “complicate” the border issue. 

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei has “asked India to work with China to maintain peace and stability in border areas”, state-run Xinhua news agency reported tonight.

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